2009 Portsmouth Invitational: Official Rosters and Preview

2009 Portsmouth Invitational: Official Rosters and Preview
Apr 03, 2009, 07:18 pm
The rosters for the 2009 Portsmouth Invitational Tournament (official site) were released today, and it appears that we’re looking at the strongest group of NCAA assembled in quite some time. Nine players currently projected to be drafted on our latest mock draft have committed to attend the tournament (scheduled next week from the 8th-11th), while we’re counting between 15-20 seniors who are strong draft candidates on the rosters as well. There are a couple of headliners as well, including Sam Young. Lee Cummard and A.J. Price, three clear-cut candidates to be the first Portsmouth players drafted since Jason Maxiell in 2006.

It’s no surprise that the PIT committee managed to bring together such a talented group of seniors—this currently stands as the one and only place for NBA draft prospects to compete in a five on five setting now that the pre-draft camp has been dramatically scaled back. The tournament is expected to draw as much attention as ever from NBA personnel this time around, for two reasons. One, due to the strength of the senior crop, and two, because of the makeup of this year’s Nike Hoop Summit crop, which doesn’t elicit the same sense as urgency as it did in the past.

The rosters are as follow, and you’ll find an additional analysis posted below of the players we consider to be the “studs”, “sleepers”, “snubs,” “dummies” and those with the most to gain from a strong showing.



First Name Last Name College Pos Ht
Chris Johnson LSU C 6' 11"
Korvotney Barber Auburn PF 6' 7"
Josh Bostic Findlay SF 6' 5"
Jon Brockman Washington PF 6’ 7”
Wesley Matthews Marquette SG/SF 6' 5"
Lorrenzo Wade San Diego State SF/PF 6' 6"
Levance Fields Pittsburgh PG 5' 10"
Ben Woodside North Dakota State PG 5' 11"

Coaches : Dennis Koutoufas & Ben Moore


First Name Last Name College Pos Ht
Aron Baynes Washington State C 6' 10"
Robert Dozier Memphis PF 6' 9"
Courtney Fells NC State SG/SF 6' 6"
Stefon Jackson Texas-El Paso SG 6' 5"
Kevin Rogers Baylor PF 6' 9"
Jimmy Baron Rhode Island SG 6' 3"
Byron Eaton Oklahoma State PG 5' 11"
Ron Steele Alabama PG 6' 1"

Coaches : Jim Markey & Larry Smith


First Name Last Name College Pos Ht
Alade Aminu Georgia Tech PF/C 6' 10"
Bamba Fall SMU C 7' 1"
Lawrence Kinnard UAB PF 6' 8"
Marcus Landry Wisconsin PF 6' 7"
B.J. Raymond Xavier SF 6' 6"
David Holston Chicago State PG/SG 5' 8"
A.J. Price UCONN PG 6' 2"
Ryan Toolson Utah Valley SG 6' 4"

Coaches : Billy Mann & John Kelly


First Name Last Name College Pos Ht
Jeff Adrien UCONN PF 6' 7"
Connor Atchley Texas PF 6' 10"
Lee Cummard Brigham Young SF 6' 7"
Lawrence Hill Stanford SF/PF 6' 8"
Ahmad Nivins St. Joseph PF/C 6' 9"
Wink Adams UNLV PG 6' 0"
Curtis Jerrells Baylor PG 6' 1"
Jermaine Taylor Central Florida SG 6' 4"

Coaches : Mike Head & Mark Butts


First Name Last Name College Pos Ht
John Bryant Santa Clara C 6' 10"
DeMarre Carroll Missouri PF 6' 8"
Geoff McDermott Providence PF 6' 8"
Josh Akognon Cal State Fullerton SG 5' 11"
Alonzo Gee Alabama SF 6' 6"
Aaron Jackson Duquesne PG 6' 4"
Robert Vaden UAB SG 6' 5"
A.D. Vassallo Virginia Tech SF 6' 6"

Coaches : Dave Trickler & Eric Acra


First Name Last Name College Pos Ht
Goran Suton Michigan State C 6' 10"
Antonio Anderson Memphis SG/SF 6' 6"
Weyinmi Efejuku Providence SG 6' 5"
Taylor Griffin Oklahoma PF 6' 7"
Leo Lyons Missouri PF 6' 9"
Sam Young Pittsburgh SF 6' 6"
A.J. Abrams Texas SG 5' 11"
Tyrese Rice Boston College PG 6' 1"

Coaches : Tony Holloway & P.J. Honore


First Name Last Name College Pos Ht
Scott VanderMeer Illinois-Chicago C 7' 0"
Michael Bramos Miami (Ohio) SF 6' 5"
Josh Carter Texas A&M SF 6' 7"
Jeff Pendergraph Arizona State PF/C 6' 9"
K.C. Rivers Clemson SG/SF 6' 6"
Diamon Simpson St. Mary PF 6’ 7”
Paul Delaney III UAB PG 6' 2"
Kyle McAlarney Notre Dame PG 6' 0"

Coaches : Leo Anthony & Mac Carroll


First Name Last Name College Pos Ht
Garret Siler Augusta State C 7' 0"
Alfred Aboya UCLA PF 6' 9"
Micah Downs Gonzaga SF 6' 8"
Gary Wilkinson Utah State PF/C 6' 9"
Lewis Clinch Georgia Tech SG 6' 3"
Brandon Ewing Wyoming PG 6' 2"
Dominic James Marquette PG 5' 11"
Alex Ruoff West Virginia SG 6' 6"

Coaches : Max Gillespie & Jerry Hasty

Roster Analysis:

Players currently projected to be drafted on our latest board

Sam Young
A.J. Price
Lee Cummard
Ahmad Nivins
Tyrese Rice
Jeff Pendergraph
K.C. Rivers
Dominic James
Wesley Matthews

Players from smaller conferences who may not been seen scouted as much as others by GMs or other high-level decision makers

Jermaine Taylor
Ben Woodside
Aaron Jackson
Stefon Jackson
Ryan Toolson
Michael Bramos
Josh Bostic (Division II Player of the Year)
David Holston
Garrett Siler (Division II First-team All-America)
Gary Wilkinson

Most to Gain
Players who are, in our eyes, serious candidates to be drafted this June, or make a NBA roster through training camp, and have plenty to gain next week

Jermaine Taylor
DeMarre Carroll
Ben Woodside
Aaron Jackson
Curtis Jerrells
Goran Suton
Kevin Rogers
Robert Dozier
Jeff Adrien
Antonio Anderson
Jon Brockman
Micah Downs
Chris Johnson
Robert Vaden
Leo Lyons
Ron Steele
Alade Aminu
Diamon Simpson
Josh Carter

Players we feel should have been invited to the PIT

Garrett Temple
Tony Gaffney
Kyle Spain

Players who are by no means locks to get drafted, but regardless declined their invites

Josh Shipp
Toney Douglas
Dionte Christmas
Jeremy Pargo
Lester Hudson
Jack McClinton
Luke Nevill

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