2015 Nike Hoop Summit: International Measurements

2015 Nike Hoop Summit: International Measurements
Apr 06, 2015, 07:01 pm
The official measurements for the World Select Team at the 2015 Nike Hoop Summit were released today. We take a look at the full results and break down the highlights.

Ben Simmons
Height (w/ shoes): 6-10
Weight: 239
Wingspan: 6-11
Hand Width: 10
Hand Length: 9
Standing Reach: 8-7
Country: Australia

Simmons measured two inches taller here than he did this past summer at the Lebron James Skills Academy. This is our first look at his wingspan and standing reach measurements, which both appear to be slightly underwhelming for a NBA small forward, let alone a power forward. Simmons' standing reach in particular is clearly that of a small forward, and his overall measurements are similar to those of a taller Tobias Harris or Joffrey Lauvergne.

Nedim Buza
Height (w/ shoes): 6-8
Weight: 199
Wingspan: 6-11 3/4
Hand Width: 9 1/2
Hand Length: 8 1/4
Standing Reach: 8-8 1/2
Country: Bosnia

Buza has good size for a small forward at 6-8 in shoes, with a solid wingspan as well. His 199 pound frame is definitely on the light side, though, just a pound heavier than Otto Porter's right before he was drafted. His standing reach is unexceptional, but not out of the ordinary for a NBA small forward. On the whole, his measurements look eerily similar to those of Josh Childress', or a slightly taller James Ennis.

Cheick Diallo
Height (w/ shoes): 6-9
Weight: 220
Wingspan: 7-4
Hand Width: 10
Hand Length: 9 1/8
Standing Reach: 9-1
Country: Mali

At 6-9, Diallo is definitely the size of a power forward, and it might be difficult for him to play the center position his skill-set is best suited for offensively. He's also very light at the moment at just 220 pounds, having only gained two pounds since our last measurement this past summer. Players like Anthony Davis and Larry Sanders had similar frames at the same age, so there is still plenty of time for him to continue to fill out once he hits a college weight room. Not only is his 7-4 wingspan absolutely gigantic, he also has a terrific 9-1 standing reach. His measurements are similar to those of Taj Gibson who weighed in at 214 points with a 6'9.75 frame, a 7'4 wingspan and a 9'1 standing reach at the NBA Draft Combine in 2009.

Skal Labissiere
Height (w/ shoes): 7-0
Weight: 216
Wingspan: 7-1 1/2
Hand Width: 9 1/4
Hand Length: 8 3/4
Standing Reach: 9-0 1/2
Country: Haiti

Labissiere has terrific size at 7-0, but his wingspan and standing reach are both unexceptional relative to his height, and are in fact shorter than that of the 6-9 Cheick Diallo. His body type looks somewhat similar to that of Chris Bosh's at the same age, even if his wingspan is two inches shorter. Joakim Noah also has a similar wingspan and frame (although he was much older at the NBA Combine), even though his reach was a little shorter than Skal's. Labissierre measured 6'10 without shoes and 198 pounds in the summer of 2013. The 18 pounds he's gained since then are promising, but the skilled 7-footer still has a lot of work to do on his frame moving forward.

George de Paula
Height (w/ shoes): 6-6
Weight: 202
Wingspan: 6-11 3/4
Hand Width: 10 3/4
Hand Length: 9 1/2
Standing Reach: 8-6 1/2
Country: Brazil

Lucas is obviously huge at 6-6 in shoes, which will measure out similar to some small forwards in this draft. His near 7-foot wingspan and outrageous hands is what really sets him apart though. No point guard in our database has ever measured a wingspan as large as his, with the closest being Tyreke Evans at 6-11 ¼, and Shaun Livingston at 6-11. Just for comparison's sake, Lucas would tower over someone like Dwayne Wade in terms of both height and reach. There really aren't many comps for Lucas' unique combination of size, length and strength at this age. Lucas has the largest hands of any player in attendance despite the fact that he's just a point guard. He possesses similar size to Utah shooting guard Alec Burks who measured 6'6 in shoes with a 6'10 wingspan and a 193-pound frame at the 2011 NBA Draft Combine. Needless to say, Lucas is one of the more impressive physical specimens in attendance here.

Thon Maker
Height (w/ shoes): 7-0
Weight: 218
Wingspan: 7-3 1/4
Hand Width: 9
Hand Length: 9
Standing Reach: 9-3
Country: Sudan

Maker's terrific 9-3 standing reach stands out immediately among power forwards, as it's one of the ten longest in our database at that position. While his skill-set and scoring instincts aren't even in the same stratosphere and his game doesn't really resemble his much at all, the closest comp we can find in terms of body type is indeed that of Kevin Durant's. He's actually 12 pounds heavier than Nerlens Noel was coming out of Kentucky, so there is definitely plenty of time for him to continue to fill out.

Jamal Murray
Height (w/ shoes): 6-5
Weight: 204
Wingspan: 6-7
Hand Width: 10 1/4
Hand Length: 8 3/8
Standing Reach: 8-2 1/2
Country: Canada

-Jamal Murray possesses excellent size for a player who can play a bit of point guard. He's almost exactly the same size as Austin Rivers, who measured 6'5 in shoes with a 203-pound frame and a 6'7 wingspan coming out of Duke. His standing reach of 8-2 ½ is certainly on the small side, even if his overall dimensions are similar to those of Kirk Hinrich for example.

Federico Mussini
Height (w/ shoes): 6-1
Weight: 154
Wingspan: 6-2
Hand Width: 8 1/4
Hand Length: 8 1/2
Standing Reach: 7-9
Country: Italy

-Federico Mussini's slight frame hasn't stopped him from carving out a role competing in some of the top leagues in the Europe. Obviously, at the highest levels, his lack of length and strength will be a limited factor for him defensively. 154 pounds is one of the lightest frame in our database, and combined with his 7-9 standing, the only NBA comps we can find for his body type is that of T.J. Ford or Aaron Brooks.

Stefan Peno
Height (w/ shoes): 6-6
Weight: 200
Wingspan: 6-7 1/4
Hand Width: 9 1/2
Hand Length: 8 1/2
Standing Reach: 8-3 1/2
Country: Serbia

-Peno has terrific size for a lead guard. His size helps him as a distributor in the half court and allows him to compensate for his lack of tremendous athleticism at times. While he doesn't have incredible length to match his height, his body type stacks up favorably with the likes of Brandon Roy or Greivis Vasquez.

Zhou Qi
Height (w/ shoes): 7-2
Weight: 209
Wingspan: 7-6 1/2
Hand Width: 10
Hand Length: 9 1/2
Standing Reach: 9-6 1/2
Country: China

-One of the tallest players measured at the Hoop Summit all-time, Qi's wingspan ranks among the 25 longest in our extensive database. He ties for the longest hands of any player on the World Team with George Lucas. His 209-pound frame remains the biggest question-mark regarding his NBA potential as he is painfully skinny at this stage and has a narrow frame that might not have great potential for growth. John Henson (7-5 wingspan, 9-4 standing reach, 216 pounds) seems to be the best body comp we can find for Qi, even if the Chinese big man towers over him at 7-2 (Henson is 6-10 ½ in shoes).

Tai Wynyard
Height (w/ shoes): 6-10
Weight: 263
Wingspan: 6-10
Hand Width: 9 3/4
Hand Length: 9
Standing Reach: 8-10 1/2
Country: New Zealand

-Wynyard has room to tone his frame, but he is tremendously strong for a young big man. His wingspan isn't particularly impressive for a big man, but he has solid height for the center position. Having just turned 17, it will be interesting to see whether he grows in the coming years and how his already mature body progresses. Wynyard's body type can be compared to that of Mitch McGary (263 pounds at the Hoop Summit, 6-10 in shoes, 7-0 wingspan), even if the now Oklahoma City big man is slightly longer. For an inevitable Kentucky player comparison, he also has very similar dimensions to those of Josh Harrellson (6-8 ½ without shoes, 6-11 wingspan, 8-8 ½ standing reach).

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