Corey Brewer: "I can help a team right away defensively"

Corey Brewer: "I can help a team right away defensively"
May 17, 2007, 04:01 am
Jonathan Givony: How are you enjoying these workouts here so far?

Corey Brewer: It’s good. Joe [Abunassar] works us hard, we’ve got a lot of good guys here, and we’re working hard every day. I feel like I’m getting a lot better.

Jonathan Givony: What kind of shape do you think you’re in right now?

Corey Brewer: I feel like I’m getting in shape. I’m in decent shape right now and I’ve been here for a week going hard. But I can get in much better shape; I’ve just got to keep working.

Jonathan Givony: How long did the post-championship celebrations last for? Are they still going on?

Corey Brewer: No (laughing). It lasted for a couple of weeks and we had a lot of fun. You know once you win the championship you’ve always got to have a little fun because you’ve worked so hard all year. We won last year and then this year, so we knew what it was all about, so we had a little fun for a couple weeks, but now we’re back on the ground.

Jonathan Givony: What are you trying to work on here the most? Anything specific? Any part of your game?

Corey Brewer: I’m working on my ball-handling and shooting off the dribble; mostly just my skills, and I’m trying to get stronger in the weight room, they do a good job with that here.

Jonathan Givony: What did you weigh out at?

Corey Brewer: I’m like 180…I don’t know, I vary. I’ll go from 180 to 185.

Jonathan Givony: You’ve got six weeks to work on yourself. What do you think your target weight is going to be going into the draft?

Corey Brewer: My target weight is like 190-195, but I hope I can get at least to 190.

Jonathan Givony: What are you hearing so far as to where your draft stock is at? What are your guys telling you?

Corey Brewer: I’m projected in the first round; I hear that a lot. I’m hearing the lottery from some people, but you never know, people just be talking. You don’t know until the ping pong balls fall and until you’re really picked on the 28th.

Jonathan Givony: So you think there’s a pretty good chance you’re going to get drafted?

Corey Brewer: Yea I feel like there’s a pretty good chance I’m going to get drafted (laughing).

Jonathan Givony: I’m curious since you’re such a good defender, do you think you fit better in a San Antonio-type team that has a more controlled, rigid, half-court offense? Or are you going to be better off in a Phoenix Suns type system? Just up and down the court with no real positions. Which one do you think suits you better?

Corey Brewer: Both of those teams, I feel like I could fit in with either one of those teams just because of the way they play. I feel like defensively I can set up in the half court and guard if I have to, battle like San Antonio; but I’d rather get up and down. So I feel like that’s more my game; I feel like I would excel more in that. But either way I’d love to play for either one of those teams because they’re both great teams.

Jonathan Givony: One thing we like to do a lot is ask guys about their own scouting reports on themselves. So if you’re sitting down with an NBA GM trying to sell yourself, what do you think your biggest strengths are as a player?

Corey Brewer: I feel like I can help a team right away defensively. Offensively I can score; I can slash and get to the basket if I have to, and I can run and get up and down the court. Really just being a winner, I win. I can help a team right away in that I know I’m a winner.

Jonathan Givony: What about your weaknesses, or the things you’re trying to work on the most?

Corey Brewer: I’ve got work on my ball-handling a whole lot and just get better skill-wise; shooting off the dribble and just shooting period. I’m trying to get stronger, that’s the main thing.

Jonathan Givony: Fast forwarding two or three years down the road, what kind of role do you see yourself having in the NBA?

Corey Brewer: Hopefully I’ll be able to start for some team and just play a significant role in helping a team win and make the playoffs.

Jonathan Givony: Is there any one player that you can really pinpoint? Some people have been saying Tayshaun Prince, how does that sound to you?

Corey Brewer: I love Tayshaun Prince’s game, he’s one of my favorite players in the NBA. I like Tayshaun Price and Josh Howard both, and either one of those guys…that’s the type of role I’d really like.

Jonathan Givony: You’ve made a lot of sacrifices over the last two years: not going out last year and being a lottery or top-20 pick; not shooting the ball 15-20 times a game even though you probably could have done that on some other teams. What are some of the positive things that came out of doing that?

Corey Brewer: It made me a better player, and it helped me mature as a player and a person.

Jonathan Givony: What do you think it was that made Florida such an unselfish team?

Corey Brewer: We just wanted to win. We knew if we passed that ball, and got the ball to the right spots, that we were going to knock down shots. If we got the ball where it needed to go, we knew we were going to win.

Jonathan Givony: How do you think Billy Donovan is going to fair as an NBA coach if he decided to take one of the NBA offers?

Corey Brewer: I think he’ll fair well. I fell like he connects with the players and I think he’ll be able to run an organization if he ever gets the chance. He’s a great coach.

Jonathan Givony: Would you rather be the number three pick in the draft and go to a spot where they already have a great small forward or number fifteen where you know you’re going to start right away? What do you think is better for you?

Corey Brewer: I’d rather go fifteen where I know I’m going to start right away.

Jonathan Givony: Is that something that’s very important to you? Getting a lot of playing time?

Corey Brewer: I just want to play period. Just having a chance to play in the NBA is great.

Jonathan Givony: How do you react to people who say that you’re not going to be able to match up physically with guys like Lebron James, Ron Artest, or Corey Maggette; these real strong, built small forwards that are super physical?

Corey Brewer: Just give me a chance; I’ll prove everybody wrong. I feel like you have to try to prove people wrong; it’s all about being challenged. I feel like I was challenged in high school, challenged in college, and now making the step to the NBA is just going to be another challenge for me. There’s going to be a lot of hard work, but I feel like now I have to chance to do it.

Jonathan Givony: Do you see yourself as more of a 2 or a 3 in the NBA?

Corey Brewer: Probably more of a 2. I feel like I’m more of a 2 in the NBA.

Jonathan Givony: From what we’ve seen, you seem to be more of a 5-on-5 guy than you are a drills guy, that’s where your strengths come out best; your defense, your intensity and all that. You’re going to have to go into workouts and be a drills guy though, so how are you going to compensate for that and show that maybe you’re better than what they can see right in front of their eyes at that workout?

Corey Brewer: I’m just going to try to go as hard as I can go and hopefully I’ll be able to knock down shots. Hopefully my foot work can be good enough. Joe is working us really hard, he does a great job and I feel like he can have me ready for that. But I understand, and I hope teams understand, that I’m more in control in 5-on-5 situations, that’s where I feel like I can play the game.

Jonathan Givony: So they’ve got to just sit down and watch some tape?

Corey Brewer: I guess. I know that they’ve been scouting us forever so I’m pretty sure they know everything we can do, but you never know.

Jonathan Givony: You decided to play 5-on-5 yesterday, some pick-up, when other guys decided not to. What is your thought process behind that?

Corey Brewer: I’m just trying to be in shape and stay in shape, so I just wanted to run and get up and down the court. Everyone thinks I don’t want to play here since I might get exploited, but people know your game, they’ve seen you play before. So pick up is just to stay in shape and work on skills, just try new stuff. It’s more of a 1-on-1 type game, but I just want to have fun. I’m here to work my butt off and be in shape, I feel like that’s just another way to be in shape.

Jonathan Givony: We were watching yesterday and you seemed to be all over the place. Are they regardless telling you to be careful and take it easy, not to get injured out there?

Corey Brewer: I was taking it easy (laughs). That’s not my game man. I wasn’t even playing hard to be honest with you, I was taking it easy. I was just out there trying not to get hurt, I just wanted to get up and down; I want to stay in shape and just have fun playing basketball. I love basketball and it’s just another chance to play basketball.

Jonathan Givony: What is your approach going to be for the workout process? Are you going to do a lot against anybody or are you going to limit it to just a select few, like I’m going to workout against this guy but not that guy?

Corey Brewer: I have no idea. That’s something that my agent has to decide on. I’m pretty sure I hired a good agent who knows what is best for me so I’m just going to listen to him.

Jonathan Givony: Thanks for your time Corey. Best of luck.

Corey Brewer: Thank you.

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