DX Podcast: Jonathan Givony on CBS Sports Radio

DX Podcast: Jonathan Givony on CBS Sports Radio
May 19, 2013, 06:15 pm
Jonathan Givony joins Jody Mac on CBS Sports Radio to summarize the NBA Combine and discuss a number of draft related topics.

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Topics Include:
-What is the NBA Combine? What does it entail? Who gets invited?
-Team Interviews, the NBA physical
-What are teams looking at during the NBA Combine and how are prospects evaluated?
-How does this draft class stack up compared with years past? What type of prospect can teams add to their roster?
-What position has good depth in this draft class?
-What events going on between now and the draft can move a player's draft stock up or down?
-Who are the top three prospects in the draft?
-Will Nerlens Noel be as good a NBA player as Anthony Davis?

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