DX Podcast: Jonathan Givony with Locked On Jazz

DX Podcast: Jonathan Givony with Locked On Jazz
Jun 19, 2013, 08:47 am
Jonathan Givony joins David Locke, the radio voice of the Utah Jazz, to talk all things NBA Draft on his Locked On Jazz podcast.

Topics Include

-Just how weak is the 2013 NBA Draft?
-How unpredictable will this draft be compared with year's past? How much separation is there between prospects?
-Ranking the point guards in this draft, with a major focus on Trey Burke versus Michael Carter-Williams
-Isaiah Canaan versus Shane Larkin
-Dennis Schroeder's chances of being a good NBA player
-Is Nerlens Noel strong enough to play in the NBA?
-How do the 7-footers in this draft stack up?
-Who is this draft will be a starter?
-Second round sleepers

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