Draft Diary: Travis Garrison

Draft Diary: Travis Garrison
May 19, 2006, 08:49 pm
By Travis Garrison

Dear Readers,

This has been some kind of a journey for me so far. Coming off what you can call a disappointing season for me and my team at Maryland left me wondering where my future would lead me. I definitely wanted to end my college career on a good note, but unfortunately it didn't go that way. But one thing I learned about life is that when you go through adversity, it either kills you or makes you stronger. And I think in my situation it made me stronger. I love basketball, I love the art of it and I love to see myself get better.


My journey first started trying to get myself into Portsmouth. I felt as though if I could get into the tournament I could help my situation out a little bit. I could go down there and show scouts things that they weren’t able to see on the court when I was playing at Maryland. I felt as though getting accepted to play there was a blessing for me. I think it helped my situation out a lot. And I had a great time there. The staff was great and it’s a great tournament for players like myself that are trying to help their basketball careers out. And I definitely would like to thank them for the opportunity.

I am at IMG right now. It is like heaven for me. It has a basketball court, a weight room and a cafeteria on campus that serves nothing but healthy food. If you are a true basketball player that loves the game, I think this is the best place to develop your game and play against great competition. The trainers are great; Joe Abunassar, Mike Moreau and Tony Tucker are some of the greatest trainers in the country and I am truly blessed to be in the situation I am in now. I definitely would like to thank my agent Max Etienne for turning me on to such a great academy to learn from the best. I am definitely going to be here for years to come.

Right now I am just working out hard here waiting for an opportunity to show how I developed since the tournament at Portsmouth. That was nothing compared with what I have learned since I've been at this fine institution. The place I now call Basketball Heaven.

I wake up at 7 AM and eat breakfast. Then I workout at 10:30 to about 11:30 or 12 before putting some extra shots up. Then I usually go to lunch, come back and lift weights at 2, and go back to the gym to work out again and play either 5 on 5 or 3 on 3. After that I go put up some more shots. Eating dinner is next before calling it a night and prepping myself for the following morning.

Now I am anxiously waiting to see if I get an invite to the Orlando pre-draft camp to show what I have learned since the last time people saw me at Portsmouth. But until then I am going to keep working hard to improve in all areas of my game, especially my weaknesses.

I would like to thank you for taking some of your time to see how I am doing. Thank you and be blessed.

Peace and Love,

Travis Garrison

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