John Collins vs Villanova Matchup Video

John Collins vs Villanova Matchup Video
Jan 26, 2017, 10:41 am
Julian Applebome takes a closer look at John Collins's 17 point, 6 rebound, and 3 block performance vs defending NCAA champions Villanova on November 18th in the semi-finals of the Gildan Charleston Classic.

After showing impressive sparks of potential as a freshman, the 19 year old sophomore out of West Palm Beach, Florida has really come on strong in his second season under Head Coach Danny Manning.

Collins leads the ACC in points per 40 at 27.39 and also has the top PER in the conference at 33.9. He is rebounding the ball at an extremely high level (14.5 rebounds per 40) and has shown promise as a rim protector, blocking 2.5 shots per-40 minutes.

Collins still has plenty of work to do in terms of refining his offensive game (particularly his passing ability) and becoming a more consistent presence on the defensive end, where he is incredibly foul prone, but his physical tools and strong play in one of the countries toughest conferences has his name being discussed as a potential first round pick. The fact that he is younger than many of the freshmen in our mock draft, having only turned 19 in September, will certainly help his cause.

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