Jonathan Givony on the The Dontonio Wingcast

Jonathan Givony on the The Dontonio Wingcast
Jun 04, 2010, 01:13 am
Jonathan Givony joins Ben Golliver of BlazersEdge on the Dontonio Wingcast to discuss a number of pressing NBA draft related issues.

Topics discussed include:

-Whether the Portland Blazers been active on the NBA draft scouting trail as of late
-Kevin Pritchard’s job status in Portland and the effect that has had
-Why we have Kevin Seraphin slated at Portland’s draft slot and how likely is it that they stay at 22 in the draft
-How open are teams in the later lottery or early teens to making trades?
-Why haven’t there been more trade rumors on DraftExpress lately
-Which small forwards or wing players could Portland be targeting in this draft?
-Can Paul George see immediate minutes next year, and how would he fit on Portland’s roster?
-Will there be any point guards available at 22 that could be immediate rotation players for Portland?
-Avery Bradley’s fit in the same backcourt with Brandon Roy
-Whether it was surprising that Avery Bradley didn’t return to Texas following his freshman season
-Which power forwards could the Blazers target in the second round to help them defensively and on the glass?
-Where will Trevor Booker end up being picked in this draft?
-Why the second round is a completely unpredictable beast
-Which player in the top-10 is the biggest risk due to character concerns?
-Cousins’ physical and athletic testing at the NBA Combine and why he’s the highest risk, highest reward player in this draft
-The state of the union of International prospects and how they view coming to the NBA these days?
-Why the NBA needs to adjust the collective bargaining agreement and allow teams to contribute more than $500,000 to buy international players out of their contracts with European teams

Listen to the podcast here

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