Jordan Farmar doubles up the double header

Jordan Farmar doubles up the double header
Apr 04, 2007, 02:40 pm
Last Sunday, Jordan Farmar of the Los Angeles Lakers became the first NBA player to play in a D-League game and NBA game in the same day. Today, he duplicated the feat, playing with the Los Angeles D-Fenders in the afternoon and then with the Lakers in the night cap.

The 2006 first round pick out of UCLA, played 33 minutes in the matinee, scoring 20 points and handing out 8 assists. In the night cap, Farmar played 12 minutes and was held scoreless on 0-for-3 shooting.

NBA players are allowed to be sent down to the D-League three times during the season. The Lakers plan on sending Farmar down one last time next Thursday when the D-Fenders host the Anaheim Arsenal. The D-Fenders currently have a one game lead over the Arsenal for the final playoff spot in the Western Conference.

We interviewed him between games today.

Jim Hlavac: Whose idea was it for you to play in both a D-League and NBA game in the same day?

Jordan Farmar: (Lakers G.M.) Mitch (Kupchak) and (Lakers coach) Phil Jackson.

Jim Hlavac: When did you first find out you were being assigned to the D-Fenders?

Jordan Farmar: A day and a half before the first time I played. They told me they were going to send me down and bring me back up in the same day. It wasn’t like “You’re being sent down to the D-league because you’re not good enough.” It was “we want you to get some experience and get some playing time - get comfortable playing basketball the way you know how to play. Get some shots up and just feel comfortable.” And its working.

Jim Hlavac: Did you get a chance to practice with the D-Fenders before the first game?

Jordan Farmar: I practiced with them one time and watched their practice the next time.

Jim Hlavac: Since the Lakers practice in the same facility as the D-Fenders, have you gotten to know these players (D-Fenders)?

Jordan Farmar: Yeah, we’ll see each other. When they’re leaving we’re usually just coming in so they’re all familiar faces.

Jim Hlavac: Like the Lakers, the D-Fenders also run the triangle offense. What are the differences in how the triangle is run?

Jordan Farmar: The Lakers know more, but it doesn’t mean we run it. All the things that are essential, that I would do naturally, are all being done on this level.

Jim Hlavac: How have your D-Fender team mates reacted to your on-court leadership?

Jordan Farmar: They respond well. They know that I mean well and they know that’s why I’m down here to help them as they come along in this playoff race. I’m just trying to win - never anything malicious. I just want to get better and I want us as a team to get better and that’s all it is.

Jim Hlavac: Last question, any chance we will see Andrew Bynum or Ronny Turiaf join the D-Fenders next week?

Jordan Farmar: I don’t think so (laughs), maybe in a championship game.

Jim Hlavac: Thanks and good luck tonight against the Nuggets.

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