NBA Draft Podcast with Jonathan Givony & David Locke

NBA Draft Podcast with Jonathan Givony & David Locke
Jun 16, 2010, 09:38 pm
Jonathan Givony joins David Locke of 1320 KFNZ in Salt Lake City to discuss a number of NBA draft related topics.

Topics discussed include:

-What kind of prospect is Xavier Henry and where should he be picked?
-What do we know for sure about how the draft will shake out?
-What are the break points in the draft where the talent slips off?
-Who are some of the more random players in this draft in terms of their draft stock?
-My background in European basketball and how that feeds into our work on DraftExpress
-How does Ed Davis stack up as an NBA draft prospect and will he be picked by the Jazz?
-Is there any scenario that Greg Monroe ends up at #9?
-How well does Greg Monroe fit into Utah’s offense?
-Are people missing the boat on Ekpe Udoh’s offensive skills? What kind of NBA player will he be?
-Is Patrick Patterson the forgotten prospect in this year’s draft? Why are people sleeping on him?
-Did the hype over Gordon Hayward get out of control? Will he struggle physically in the NBA?
-How difficult is it to evaluate Luke Babbitt as a NBA prospect?
-What’s coming up over the next eight days on DraftExpress?

Listen to the podcast here

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