Official 2006 Portsmouth Invitational Tournament Rosters

Official 2006 Portsmouth Invitational Tournament Rosters
Mar 31, 2006, 03:28 pm
Portsmouth Invitational Tournament Rosters

The official rosters of the 2006 Portsmouth Invitational Tournament, the first of two NBA pre-draft camps, straight from the hands of the committee and exclusively released on DraftExpress.

The biggest and possibly the most surprising names on the official Portsmouth Invitational Tournament rosters are Terrell Everett and Taj Gray of Oklahoma. Other potential first round candidates on the official rosters include: James Augustine (Illinois), Yemi Nicholson (Denver), Solomon Jones (South Florida), Justin Williams (Wyoming), James White (Cincinnati) and NCAA 3-point champion Steve Novak (Marquette) among others. If it holds up, this is widely considered to be the strongest list of seniors at Portsmouth in the last 5-10 years.

The NCAA seniors only tournament will be held from April 5th-8th in Portsmouth, Virginia. Check out the the official website of PIT, where you can find more info as well as the daily boxscores.

You can follow the tournament here on DraftExpress as we'll have multiple staff members in attendance recapping the games all day long. We’ll be writing about individual player performances and conducting interviews with the players and others in attendance.

Media entities looking for assistance with stories on players in their local markets, including stats, quotes or anything else should feel free to contact us via email (below) now or during the tournament.

Norfolk Naval Shipyard
PlayerSchoolPosition Height Points Per Game Noteable Stats
Paul Miller Wichita State C6’10”13.16.6 rpg
Michael Southall LA-LafayetteC6’10”15.88.0 rpg, 3.4 bpg
Jai Lewis George Mason F6’7”13.57.8 rpg, Final Four
Mike Hall George Wash.F6’8”11.07.6 rpg
Nick George VCUF6’6”16.946.8 3PT%
Ben Jacobson Northern Iowa G6’3”14.23.8 apg
Robert Hite Miami G6’3”16.441.1 3PT%
Carl Krauser Pittsburgh G6’2”15.04.8 apg

Tidewater Sealants
PlayerSchoolPosition Height Points Per Game Noteable Stats
Yemi Nicholson Denver C6’11”19.910.9 rpg, 2.8 bpg
Erek Hansen IowaC6’11”6.72.6 bpg
Eric Hicks Cincinnati F6’6”15.09.7 rpg, 3.3 bpg
Bobby Jones WashingtonF6’7”10.44.9 rpg
David Moss Indiana StateG6’5”16.33.8 apg, 43.5 3PT%
Brendan Winters Davidson G6’5”16.94.8 rpg
Justin Gray Wake Forest G6’2”18.24.3 apg
Chris Quinn Notre Dame G6’2”17.76.4 apg, 43.1 3PT%

Portsmouth Sports Club
PlayerSchoolPosition Height Points Per GameNoteable Stats
Solomon Jones South FloridaC6’10”13.29.8 rpg, 3.1 bpg
Daniel Kickert St. Mary’s F6’10”16.75.6 rpg, 45.7 3PT%
Curtis Withers Charlotte F6’8”16.011.2 rpg, 2.5 apg
Christian Maraker Pacific.F6’9”17.28.9 rpg
Dwayne Mitchell LA-Lafayette G6’5”16.68.2 rpg, 4.3 apg
Terrell Everett Oklahoma G6’4”12.76.9 apg
Jeff Horner Iowa G6’3”13.65.6 apg
Keydren Clark St. Peter’s G5’9”26.34.4 apg, 3,000+ career points

Beach Barton Ford
PlayerSchoolPosition Height Points Per GameNoteable Stats
Justin Williams Wyoming C6’10”11.111.0 rpg, 5.4 bpg
Kenny Adeleke Hartford C6’9”20.713.1 rpg
Travis Garrison Maryland F6’8”8.05.3 rpg
Brandon Bowman GeorgetownF6’9”11.05.0 rpg
James White CincinnatiF6’7”16.35.1 rpg
Anthony Winchester Western Kentucky G6’4”18.640.9 3PT%
Dawan Robinson Rhode Island G6’2”15.74.3 apg
Jose Juan Barea Northeastern G5’11”21.08.4 apg

Norfolk Sports Club
PlayerSchoolPosition Height Points Per GameNoteable Stats
Torin Francis Notre DameC6’11”11.69.4 rpg
Brad Buckman TexasF6’8”9.57.0 rpg
Greg Brunner Iowa F6’7”14.19.2 rpg
Tarence Kinsey South CarolinaF6’6”15.738.2 3PT%
Joah Tucker Wisc-Milwaukee F6’5”16.55.9 rpg
Cameron Bennerman N.C. State G6’4”14.03.1 rpg
Sean Dockery Duke G6’2”7.139.5 3PT%
Darrel Mitchell LSU G5’11”17.04.5 apg, 40.0 3PT%

Holiday Inn - Portsmouth
PlayerSchoolPosition Height Points Per GameNoteable Stats
Akin Akingbala Clemson C6’9”12.18.2 rpg
Quincy Davis Tulane F6’9”13.15.8 rpg
Dan Oppland Valparaiso F6’8”19.88.0 rpg
Alan Daniels LamarF6’6”23.53.0 apg
Vincent Grier Minnesota G6’5”15.66.2 rpg
Lamar Butler George Mason G6’2”11.837.3 3PT%, Final Four
CJ Watson Tennessee G6’2”15.33.9 apg, 42.2 3PT%
Tim Smith E. Tennessee St.G5’9”22.04.5 apg

MD Designs
PlayerSchoolPosition Height Points Per GameNoteable Stats
Mohamed Kone Valparaiso C6’11”10.98.0 rpg, 2.1 bpg
Kelly Whitney Seton Hall F6’8”15.27.9 rpg
Taj Gray OklahomaF6’9”14.27.7 rpg
Steve Novak Marquette F6’10”17.55.9 rpg, 46.7 3PT%
Jared Newson Tenn-MartinG6’5”18.86.6 rpg, 40.4 3PT%
Je’Kel Foster Ohio State G6’3”12.23.1 apg, 40.1 3PT%
Chris Hernandez Stanford G6’2”14.047.2 3PT%
Tony Skinn George Mason G6’1”12.72.8 apg

Sales Systems Ltd.
PlayerSchoolPosition Height Points Per GameNoteable Stats
James Augustine Illinois C6’10”13.69.1 rpg
John Bowler Eastern Michigan F6’9”20.110.8 rpg, 2.5 bpg
Marcellus Sommerville Bradley F6’7”15.76.8 rpg
Jamaal Williams Washington F6’6”13.34.7 rpg
David Noel North CarolinaF6’6”12.96.8 rpg, 42.4 3PT%
Antoine Jordan Siena G6’4”17.18.0 rpg, 45.3 3PT%
Daniel Horton Michigan G6’3”17.65.3 apg, 39.1 3PT%
John Williams Bryant G6’0”20.33.5 apg, 44.7%

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