USA Basketball U18 Training Camp Scouting Reports: Shooting Guards

USA Basketball U18 Training Camp Scouting Reports: Shooting Guards
Jun 18, 2016, 02:09 pm
A look at four of the most intriguing shooting guard prospects in attendance at the USA Basketball U18 Training Camp, including scouting reports and video interviews.
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Hamidou Diallo, 6-5, Shooting Guard, Putnam Science High School, CT 2017 Class, Uncommitted

-Not exceptionally tall, but has a gigantic plus-seven wingspan that allows him to play significantly bigger than his height. Frame has continued to fill out since the last time we saw him
-One of the best athletes in high school basketball. Has great quickness and is incredibly explosive around the rim.
-Extremely effective in transition. Very difficult to contain in the open floor.
-Can straight line attack with a very quick first step
-Doesn't shy away from contact. Takes ball strong to the basket, drawing plenty of fouls in the process
-Shooting mechanics don't look terrible. Gets good rotation. Comes out of hand decently. Jumper doesn't appear to be broken
-High energy wing player who flies around defensively and crashes the glass on both ends of the floor with great purpose. Shows really nice anticipation skills getting in the passing lanes. Could be a terror locking down point and shooting guards with his length and quickness.

-Measured just 6'3 ¼ without shoes last summer
-Struggles to make shots consistently. Release is a little slow due to windup and ball-dip. Mechanics don't look bad, but airballed quite a few jumpers in Colorado Springs. 8/48 (17%) from beyond the arc in the EYBL this season. Only shooting 64% from the free throw line.
-Advanced ball-handling skills are still a work in progress in the half-court. Doesn't change directions or speeds very well. Struggles to react to help defenses at times.
-Not a great passer. Doesn't have an exceptional feel for the game. Can get very wild at times. Committed more turnovers (41) than assists (33) in the EYBL this season thus far (16 games).

Outlook Highly rated shooting guard prospect who continues to make strides with his frame and skill-level. Tremendous athlete who plays with a very high intensity level. Will need to refine his jump-shot, ball-handling and passing ability, but has significant potential with the strong foundation he already brings to the table.

Lonnie Walker, 6-5, Shooting Guard, Reading High School, PA 2017 Class, Uncommitted

-Has outstanding physical tools. Big, strong frame. Ample height for a shooting guard. Big wingspan that should allow him to even guard some small forwards.
-Good athlete. Strong first step. Good quickness.
-Good with the ball. Creative and strong. Finishes acrobatically using both sides of the rim. Can power through contact with his strong frame
-Capable outside shooter. 40% for 3 in EYBL play on over five attempts per game. Compact stroke. Can make shots off the dribble. Rises up off the bounce nicely.
-Difficult to contain in transition with combination of strength and quickness. Big powerful strides
-Has great potential defensively. Gets on the glass thanks to his strong tools. Contests shots on the perimeter impressively.

-Struggles to play off the ball. Was utilized as an off the ball wing in Colorado Springs and had a difficult time making his presence felt. Is much better as a slashing guard.
-Lacks some assertiveness at times. Very nonchalant. Goes through the motions. Very quiet guy on the floor.
-Better shooting off the bounce than he is with his feet set. Somewhat rigid mechanics in catch and shoot situations. Big ball dip. Takes time to get off.
-Needs to improve his advanced ball-handling skills in the half-court. Relies a little too heavily on his frame to help bulldoze through the lane
-Effort level comes and goes on defense. Stands around off the ball.

Outlook Shooting guard with a world of talent at his disposal. Still figuring out how to put everything together on a consistent basis. Really struggled at times in the three days we watched him in Colorado Springs. Still dropped some glimpses to remind you just how talented he is. Will need to find a higher intensity level to allow him to utilize his tools more consistently on both ends of the floor, especially when the game doesn't revolve around him.

John Petty, 6-6 SG/SF, J.O. Johnson High School, AL, 2017 Class, Uncommitted

-Nice size and frame for a wing at 6' 6”, 190 pounds.
-Good leaper who can play above the rim in space. Best off of two feet. Catches lobs in transition.
-Very good defender both on and off the ball. Quick feet. Makes an effort to slide and contest. Has the size to contain penetration. Active off ball defender. 1.7 steals and 1.0 blocks per 40 minutes in 20 Nike EYBL games. Competitive.
-Solid spot up shooter who displays sound mechanics. Catches on the hop, on balance, elevates. Shows potential as a pull up shooter with one-dribble pull ups. 35% from three on 157 attempts in 25 EYBL games.
-Can attack a closeout or straight line drive from the perimeter. Solid first step. 20.5 points per 40 in Nike EYBL.
-Good passer with a nice feel for the game. Plays within himself for the most part. Can drive and kick or dish. Makes some instinctual passes.
-Crashes the offensive glass. Does a lot of little things that translate well to being a role player at the NBA level.

-Good not great length relative to his height – 6' 8” wingspan
-Not much of a shot creator at this stage. Limited to mostly straight line drives. Doesn't change speeds or directions with advanced dribble moves. Struggles to create space to get to his pull up jumper.
-Streaky shooter who is best with his feet set in spot up situations. Reliant on elevation, doesn't always release at the top of his jump. Not as effective if he doesn't catch in rhythm. Ball doesn't always come out cleanly.
-Good athlete with nice size but can improve his craft around the rim – 47.3% from two in Nike EYBL.
-Has the game of a small forward, but the size and length of a traditional two-guard. Lacks a degree of offensive versatility.

Outlook The Huntsville, AL native impressed with his size, athleticism, defensive competitiveness, shot making ability and willingness to operate within a role. Petty isn't the most dynamic prospect as he doesn't have much off the dribble game, and isn't overly versatile, but he most certainly has all of the ingredients of a high-level role player who can play both ends of the floor. Wherever Petty commits, he should be able to contribute early on and figures to work his way onto the NBA radar as his game grows.


Kevin Huerter, 6-6, Shooting Guard, Shenendehowa High School, NY 2016 Class, Committed to Maryland

-Has good size for a SG at 6'6. Has a frame that should fill out nicely in time
-Solid athlete. Moves well. Has some leaping ability
-Tremendous shooting stroke. Big time catch and shoot threat, especially when he catches it on the hop. Gets great rotation on the ball and has deep range. Excellent shot preparation. Shot 40% for 3 on over six attempts per game in the Nike EYBL.
-Very intelligent player. Moves the ball crisply. Finds open man. Keeps the offense flowing. Passes ahead in transition. 2/1 assist to turnover ratio in EYBL play.
-Competitive defensively. Uses his size to his advantage. Gets right up in opposing guards. Holds his ground against bigger players too. Stays in front nicely

-Doesn't have great length. Measured just a 6'6 wingspan last summer. Frame has potential but has a lot of work to do to.
-Can be somewhat one dimensional offensively. Not a great ball-handler. Only go to the free throw line 25 times in nearly 500 minutes in the EYBL.
-Didn't show much of a pull-up game. Mostly a catch and shoot guy at this stage
-May struggle defensively early on with his lack of length and strength.

Outlook Has the makings of an outstanding college player. Could emerge as a bonafide NBA prospect down the road as he continues to improve his frame and versatility.


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