Word on the Street: Orlando Pre-Draft Camp Invites

Word on the Street: Orlando Pre-Draft Camp Invites
May 27, 2007, 03:07 am
The NBA Pre-Draft Camp

The NBA Pre-Draft camp kicks off this Tuesday evening at 6 PM at the World Wide of Sports Complex outside of Orlando. We’ve gone into detail on a few occasions (especially HERE and HERE) to explain why this year’s camp is unique compared with years past.

For four days (May 29th-June 1st), 64 draft prospects will conduct drills and play 5 on 5 games in front of the watchful eyes of hundreds of NBA executives. They (along with an additional 11 of the top prospects in this draft) will go through a physical, conduct Anthropometric/strength testing, have their blood and urine tested, participate in the combine, and conduct a meeting with the NBA Player’s Association, which will lead them into the 4th of June.
Once the 75 players are finished with their NBA Pre-Draft Camp obligations, they will be free to work out for teams beginning on the 5th of June. Some creative teams—like the Houston Rockets for example—are scheduling private workouts in Orlando on the 5th of June, in conjunction with other NBA teams that will be allowed to watch as well. This will give the Rockets a chance to bring in players (like Jason Smith for example, who is already scheduled), that they otherwise would not have to opportunity to work out. This also reduces the grind on the players, since they can kill multiple birds with one stone, rather than needing to fly around the country working out for one team at a time. For an underclassman like Smith who has to pay for all his NBA workout expenses on his own, that is absolutely huge.

Here is a list that DraftExpress has compiled from NBA teams and agents for most of the players who will be participating at the pre-draft camp.


Glen Davis

Daequan Cook

Sean Singletary

Sean Williams

Dominic McGuire

Aaron Gray

Demetris Nichols

DaShaun Wood

Russell Carter

Brandon Heath

Bobby Brown

Ekene Ibekwe

Jared Dudley

Caleb Green

Kyle Visser

Justin Doellman

Avis Wyatt

Ron Lewis

Brad Newley

Dustin Salisbery

Chris Richard

Joseph Jones

J.R. Reynolds

Zabian Dowdell

Taurean Green

Stephane Lasme

Jermareo Davidson

Ali Traore

Sammy Mejia

Marko Lekic

Carl Landry

Mohamed Abukar

Craig Bradshaw

Mario Boggan

Jamaal Tatum

Tre Kelley

Coleman Collins

Cartier Martin

James Mays

Ivan Radenovic

James Hughes

Rashaun Freeman

Darryl Watkins

Trey Johnson

Marcelus Kemp

Ramon Sessions

Curtis Sumpter

Reyshawn Terry

Jared Jordan

Herbert Hill

Renaldas Seibutis

Anthony Tolliver

Not playing: Josh McRoberts, Thaddeus Young, Javaris Crittenton, Rodney Stuckey, Marcus Williams, Arron Afflalo, Alando Tucker, Morris Almond, Nick Fazekas, Gabe Pruitt, Derrick Byars, DeVon Hardin, Wilson Chandler, Brandon Rush (pulled out)

“Snubs:” Dominic James*, D.J. Strawberry, Adam Haluska, De’Angelo Alexander, David Teague, Jarrius Jackson, Petteri Koponen

*It’s rumored that Dominic James was surprisingly not invited since the committee was told that he isn’t serious about staying in the draft, possibly by people at Marquette. What we’re now hearing is that not only is he seriously considering staying in, but it’s almost become a foregone conclusion. James is working out at Tim Grover’s gym in Chicago (which you’ll read about more tomorrow), and is already in the process of interviewing agents. If the committee ends up deciding not to let James participate, what they will essentially be doing is saying that he’s not amongst the best 90+ players who are eligible for the draft, which we all know is clearly not the case. Those 90+ include the 64 players who were invited, the 11 “physical only” players, and the 17 players listed above and below who declined their invite.

Physical Only (courtesy of Jeff Goodman, Fox Sports)

Greg Oden, Ohio State
Kevin Durant, Texas
Brandan Wright, North Carolina
Al Horford, Florida
Corey Brewer, Florida
Joakim Noah, Florida
Jeff Green, Georgetown
Roy Hibbert, Georgetown (pulled out)
Julian Wright, Kansas
Mike Conley Jr., Ohio State
Spencer Hawes, Washington
Yi Jianlian, China*
Acie Law**

*Jianlian was not on Goodman’s “physical-only list, but he has filed his paperwork for Orlando according to a source close to the situation.
**Acie Law was also not on the initial list, but he told recently that he will be in Orlando for the physical.

Physical Only “Snubs”

Al Thornton- Not invited
Nick Young- Not invited
Jason Smith- Not invited


Tiago Splitter

Rudy Fernandez

Marco Belinelli (Treviso)

Ante Tomic

Marc Gasol

Kyrylo Fesenko (Treviso)

Mirza Begic

Joao Gomes (Treviso)

Reyshawn Terry Moving Up?

NBA teams appear to think more highly of Reyshawn Terry than we initially thought, at least according to an unscientific experiment we conducted with NBA scouts and executives this past week. When asked about the one player on our mock draft that is underrated more than anyone else, the name Reyshawn Terry seemed to come up again and again. This prompted us to bump him up into the early-mid portion of the second round, even though many said that they wouldn’t be shocked to see him go as high as the late first round.

One NBA scout we spoke to had the following to say: “we’re talking about a kid with great tools. He’s a 6-8 wing with an NBA body and exceptional athletic ability. He plays lock down defense and shot 44% from behind the arc. I liked your comparison earlier in the year to James Posey, and I don’t understand why you guys went away from that. You can’t judge these Carolina guys by their numbers.”

In our two-week long scouting trip around the country, Terry was indeed one of the players we came across—working out at Tim Grover’s gym outside of Chicago. Watching him in that informal setting, it was hard not to come away with the impression that he’s going to look phenomenal in private NBA workouts. You can read more about that in an article coming later this weekend.

The main question marks we have about Terry has to do with his focus and consistency on the basketball court. Too often he would disappear on the court and not assert himself on either end. He had a tendency to coast throughout his career at North Carolina, and oftentimes Coach Roy Williams would lose his patience with him because of a mental lapse and just yank him from the game. One executive we spoke to was pretty blunt when saying “our coaching staff loves him, but I want to know what’s going on upstairs with that kid.”

Terry will be playing at the pre-draft camp starting on Tuesday and has a real chance to help his stock with a good showing. He doesn’t need to score 20 points a game there, but he does need to play hard and do the little things for his team.

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