Word on the Street: Redick Slipping? (Last Update: 5:47 PM)

Word on the Street: Redick Slipping?  (Last Update: 5:47 PM)
Jun 27, 2006, 01:39 pm
Update 3:

Last Minute Workouts

In addition to O’Bryant working out for Golden State and the Lakers getting a last second look at Jordan Farmar, the Memphis Grizzlies had Alexander Johnson and Leon Powe today, with this being Johnson’s second workout in front of Jerry West. Johnson is flying to New York next to have breakfast with Isiah Thomas. The #24 spot is now considered Johnson’s floor, with a lot of interest coming at #17 (Indiana), #18 (Washington), #19 (Sacramento), #20 (New York) and #22 or #23 (New Jersey).

The Clippers also had Kevin Pittsnogle and Paul Davis in today to workout for the #34 pick.

The Miami Heat conducted their first and last workout for this year's NBA draft, having no picks and only a few assests like Dorell Wright, Wayne Simien and Michael Doleac that they might be able to parlay into a late 1st round pick. The players who were in attendance were Guillermo Diaz, Yotam Halperin, Terrell Everett, Jose Juan Barea, Robert Hite and Cameron Bennerman.

Update 2:

-Patrick O'Bryant told DraftExpress columnist Joseph Treutlein that he worked out in New York City for the Golden State Warriors earlier today in front of GM Chris Mullin.

Update 1:

A survey of a half a dozen NBA war rooms 24-36 hours before the draft reveals some very interesting information.

-J.J. Redick is now unanimously projected as being the last player sitting in the Green Room. Concerns about his back problems— previously described by ESPN as a “wild internet rumor”—may cost him a spot in the lottery and potentially even the top 20. Team mock drafts have him slated anywhere from 17-22 at the moment, with not even one team projecting him in the lottery. An interesting scenario arises if Ronnie Brewer and Rodney Carney go 9th to Golden State and 10th to Seattle in either order. This would leave Orlando in a position where they’d have to either reach and take Thabo Sefolosha as the next best wing player available, trade down, or go best player available with a big man like Patrick O’Bryant rather than fulfill their biggest need at the shooting guard position. The Utah Jazz are wondering whether to take a calculated risk and accept Phoenix’s trade offer of the #21 and #27 picks in return for the #14, in which case they might still find Redick on the board at #21. Phoenix is trying to get the #10 pick still, but without trading Shawn Marion, who Seattle just cannot afford. That doesn’t change things too much, though, because they are expected to take either Brewer or Carney as well.

-All war room mock drafts currently have Toronto selecting LaMarcus Aldridge at #1. The intrigue begins at #2, where the Bulls will pick between Andrea Bargnani, Tyrus Thomas and Brandon Roy. With Aldridge off the board, and trade becomes more realistic, but most expect them to take Bargnani if they decide to keep the pick.

-Rudy Gay is consistently projected ahead of Adam Morrison at Charlotte’s pick, with that choice being described on multiple occasions as “MJ’s pick.”

-The notion of teams being ultra secret with their plans and keeping everything close to their chest seems to be a bit farfetched. Every team is talking to each other to see what they are hearing about another, and numerous trades and contingency plans are being proposed. One scout we spoke to expects “a flurry of deals in the next 36 hours,” but mentions that concerns about the luxury tax are dominating conversations and will largely prevent any blockbuster moves. The Utah-Philadelphia-Boston trade in particular was brought up as having been discussed as once having some real legs, but could already be off the table in favor of the Boston/Portland #7+Dan Dickau for Sebastian Telfair trade..

-After canceling his workout with the Memphis Grizzlies at the last minute yesterday, Jordan Farmar is back in Los Angeles today working out for the Lakers. His range appears to be somewhere from 17-28 depending on how teams rate the other many point and combo guards around him, and who slips from the green room.

Check back all day as we update you on the latest news from around the draft as we hear it.

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