BioSteel Future All Canadian High School Game Scouting Reports

BioSteel Future All Canadian High School Game Scouting Reports
Apr 13, 2016, 04:44 pm
Scouting reports on the top prospects seen at the BioSteel Future All Canadian High School Basketball Game in Toronto.
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Matthew-Alexander Moncrieffe, 6-5 SF, Vaughan Secondary School, Class of 2019

-Impressive physical profile for his age. At least 6' 5” with very long arms and a frame that has a lot of room to fill out. Likely still growing.
-Fluid athlete who can play above the rim. Uses eurosteps in transition. Can straight line drive.
-Tremendous on ball defender with upside in that area. Moves well laterally. Good reaction time. Plays with intensity. Length helps him make plays in the passing lanes. Has the tools to guard multiple positions in time.
-Didn't shoot any jumpers but his free throw stroke didn't look bad. Solid mechanics.
-Knows his role. Plays an unselfish brand of basketball.

-Very little offensive game at this stage.
-Not confident in his shooting stroke. Turns down open jumpers.
-Limited ball handler. Restricted to mostly straight line drives.
-Not a very comfortable passer on the move.
-Good frame but is on the thin side right now.

Outlook Moncrieffe stood out immediately due to his impressive set of physical tools. While some players in the futures game were already physically developed and found success by way of bully ball, you could see that Moncrieffe had size and length yet was nowhere near his physical peak, making him a very intriguing long-term prospect to track. His offensive game is a major work in progress, but the 2019 forward has plenty of time to fine-tune his jumper and handle.

Cashius McNeilly, 6-4 PG/SG, Vaughan Secondary School, Class of 2020

-Good size and length for a guard prospect in the 2020 class at 6' 4” with long arms, big hands and a developable frame. Doesn't look like he's done growing.
-Fluid athlete.
-Very polished for a player his age.
-Plays with really good pace. Comfortable operating in pick and roll. Changes speeds and directions.
-Really knows how to play. Impressive feel for the game. Can play on or off the ball.
-Good rotation on his jump shot. Sharp footwork pulling up off the dribble.
-Quick feet defensively.

-Low release on his jumper. Better as slasher and playmaker at this stage.
-Good not great athlete.
-Nice frame but is still very thin up top.

Outlook McNeilly's combination of size, length, skills and feel for the game make him a very interesting prospect to track as he develops physically. While he wasn't the most physically developed, McNielly proved to be one of the most impressive players and prospects in the BioSteel All-Canadian Futures Game.

Joel Brown, 6-3 PG/SG, St Edmund Campion, Class of 2019

-Good size, length, and frame for a combo guard.
-Dynamic with the ball in his hands. Lives in the paint. Doesn't need a ball screen to get into the teeth of the defense.
-Super advanced ball handler for his age. Can stop on a dime and change speeds or directions. Uses combo moves regularly.
-Uses both hands around the rim. Ambidextrous. Finishes from different angles. Puts spin on the ball.
-Jumper has potential.
-Capable distributor when he's not looking to score.
-Quick feet on the defensive end.

-Score-first mentality. A bit of a black hole. Can do a better job of trying to balance scoring and playmaking.
-Very wild going to the rim at times. Just puts his head down and attacks. Still learning how to think the game.
-Not a great jump shooter at this stage. Can make an open three but is very inconsistent. Mechanics are a bit stiff.

Outlook Brown doesn't play the most unselfish brand of basketball, but it's rare to see a guard his age with so much natural ability as a shot creator. He's quick and shifty, uses both hands around the rim, and when coupled with a jump shot, will be very tough to keep out of the paint. Brown needs to evolve as a passer but he's a very gifted scorer for his age.

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