DX Podcast: Jonathan Givony and David Locke

DX Podcast: Jonathan Givony and David Locke
Jun 07, 2011, 12:11 pm
Jonathan Givony joins David Locke of Locked on Jazz to discuss various issues pertaining to the 2011 NBA Draft.

We discuss:

Enes Kanter and the recent film we acquired from his prep school career. What should that tell us about him as a NBA prospect?

-Comparing the strengths and weaknesses of Jonas Valanciunas, Donatas Motiejunas and Jan Vesely
-Which players in this draft have the "it" factor that helps them exceed expectations, similar to Brandon Roy?
-Kyrie Irving
-Derrick Williams - does he play hard? Will he be able to produce in the NBA?
-Alec Burks - Is he too cool for school? Should we be concerned with his effort level?
-Bismack Biyombo -
What type of prospect is he? Will he drop to 12? What is it about him that will allow him to make an impact in the NBA?

-Brandon Knight - What's his pro evaluation? What does he need to work on to reach his full potential?
-Jimmer Fredette-
What type of transition will he have to make in the NBA? Will he be a starter in the NBA? What's his ceiling?

-Which two players in this draft class will end up being all-stars?

Listen to the podcast here.

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