Interview: Rudy Gay

Interview: Rudy Gay
Jun 04, 2006, 03:02 am
This Interview was conducted on May 21st after a workout DraftExpress attended with Rudy Gay in Washington DC. The article on the workout can be found here.

Jonathan Givony:
How are you feeling after the workout? Tired? Was this anything special for you in terms of how hard you guys went today?

Rudy Gay: Nah. Usually we go harder or the same as this every day. I’m not really tired, I’m used to it.

Jonathan Givony: How long have you been working here for?

Rudy Gay: Three weeks.


Jonathan Givony: Any specific things you’ve been working on in anticipation of workouts or the NBA season?

Rudy Gay: Well Idan [Ravin] works with us on ball-handling and stuff like that, and I feel it’s gotten a lot better. Shooting off the dribble, and just refining all of my skills.

Jonathan Givony: It seems like Idan is definitely trying to push and motive you. How do you think his style of coaching compares with Coach Calhoun?

Rudy Gay: I think it’s totally different. Coach (Calhoun) is the type that will push to get the extra stuff out of you, but Idan expects it out of you because he knows how you play, he knows what you can do. So it’s kind of nice playing him because he expects a lot out of you. You want to do a lot for him.

Jonathan Givony: It’s probably a lot easier for him because you came to him to train, and you’ve got a couple of big weeks ahead of you in terms of workouts and stuff like that. What are the challenges of a guy like Calhoun with such a talented team trying to get playing time for everybody? Was that a tough situation at UConn this year?

Rudy Gay: For him I’m sure it was, because I don’t think there was another team ever that had as much talent as we did. It’s hard to put different players in different positions without getting people mad. Knowing that each person can do certain things, but then again our team is so deep that they can’t do it all at certain times. It had to be hard for him but I think he handled it pretty well.

Jonathan Givony: So what do you think you guys were missing to make that next step? Just bad luck?

Rudy Gay: I think we just lived on the edge too much. We got too complacent; I think we needed to play a little bit harder in certain stretches of the game.

Jonathan Givony: Is there anything you feel you’ve improved on since being here?

Rudy Gay: Oh everything. Like I said, Idan Ravin expects you to do so much more so you get better at it. I’ve gotten better at everything.

Jonathan Givony: Is it nice to be close to home?

Rudy Gay: Honestly I haven’t been home once since I’ve been here. My family will be there. My family knows that I’m trying to make a big decision, and make a big step for my family and also myself. So I’m not really too worried about going home and stuff like that right now. It’s just all about business.

Jonathan Givony: When are you going to start doing your workouts?

Rudy Gay: I’m not really sure. I think maybe a couple before Orlando and a couple after.

Jonathan Givony: How much are you looking forward to the workouts? Have you talked to people about them, do you know what to expect?

Rudy Gay: Yeah I’m ready. I think Idan’s got me ready. He’s done a lot to get me prepared for this. I’m just ready to get to it and start doing my thing.

Jonathan Givony: You’ve probably seen a lot of college basketball this year. Anyone in particular that you would like to go up against in workouts that you think you would match up well with?

Rudy Gay: Anybody. I don’t really care; I’m just ready to go out there. Anybody that’s willing to strap up against me, I’m willing to play my hardest against. Right now it really doesn’t matter weather it’s Tyrus Thomas, Adam Morrison, anybody. I’ll play with any of them.


Jonathan Givony: What about a rematch with Brandon Roy? You guys had some bad blood in the NCAA tournament game and it seems like your kind of gearing up for the same spot in the draft. Is that something you would look forward to?

Rudy Gay: I wouldn’t mind it at all. I wouldn’t mind it. But it depends on how the ball drops. Whatever somebody needs and if they want to test me against him, I’d be ready for it.

Jonathan Givony: Do you think you still have a chance go #1?

Rudy Gay: Yeah that’s what we working for. I set my goals high, and Idan told me once we started that I can still go #1, and I’m still shooting for number one. I feel as though my talent can take me to number one. I think if I work hard enough I could be number one, so what not?

Jonathan Givony: So that’s something that’s important to you?

Rudy Gay: Yeah definitely. I’m going to work as hard as I can to get there.

Jonathan Givony: You’re not afraid of the pressure? Number one pick, that’s just an incredible amount of pressure and it seems like no matter what you do you cant please everybody, so would that really matter at the end of the day?

Rudy Gay: (laughs) No I’m used to it. I’m used to the pressure. Just being number one makes me want to work hard.

Jonathan Givony: Preseason All-American, Wooden Award and all that…did you think that was maybe a little premature? Did you like that pressure that people put on you or do you think people expected a little too much out of you too soon?

Rudy Gay: Really when I made that, it just went out one ear and out the other. I didn’t even worry about all the pre-season things. The post season means the most to me because we didn’t win the championship, and I think there was a lot of things I could have accomplished that I didn’t. Also, I think there’s a lot for me in the future to accomplish, so really I’m just looking to the future.

Jonathan Givony: Do you still keep in touch with all the guys from UConn like Josh Boone and Rashad Anderson and those guys?

Rudy Gay: I keep in touch with all of them. I just try to make sure that they doing what they need to be doing to get to the next step and also see how they doing in their workouts.


Jonathan Givony: Some guys put restrictions on workouts. Like Gerald Green said I’m not going to workout against anybody. I know it’s up to your agent at the end of the day, but do you personally have any problem with going head to head with guys like Morrison, Thomas, Roy, and Aldridge?

Rudy Gay: I have no problem with it, because obviously if people don’t want to go up against anybody they obviously have things that they need to work on or things that they felt hey could have been doing that they haven’t been. I have no weaknesses in my game, I’m ready for anybody.

Charlie Bury: Tell me about the Baltimore game, I know a lot of players come out of Baltimore. (Steve Novak in the background “There are no players from Baltimore man”

Rudy Gay: I think the thing about Baltimore is its tough. Everybody wants to be this and that but not a lot of people put the work in. Anybody that puts the work in you see in the NBA; like Sam Cassell, Melo, Juan Dixon, people like that.

Charlie Bury: Do some of the UConn guys in the league now give you advice about his whole process and what to expect?

Rudy Gay: Yeah I talk to a couple guys like Rip Hamilton, Caron Butler. They’ve helped me through the process and given me some tips.

Charlie Bury: What do you hope to show teams when you workout for them that they didn’t see from your time at UConn?

Rudy Gay: That I can be more assertive. I think at UConn I played a little more lax, and playing lax won’t get you money in the NBA.

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