Jordan Mickey NBA Draft Scouting Report and Video Breakdown

Jordan Mickey NBA Draft Scouting Report and Video Breakdown
May 22, 2015, 03:37 pm
Scouting Report by Josh Riddell. Video Analysis by Mike Schmitz

After returning to LSU for his sophomore season, Jordan Mickey helped lead the LSU Tigers to their first NCAA Tournament berth since 2009, although it ended with a first-round loss to N.C. State. Mickey and teammate Jarrell Martin both made the SEC All-Conference 1st team, with Mickey being named to the All-Defensive team as well. After a second impressive season with the Tigers, Mickey declared for the NBA Draft and will take the next step in his basketball career.

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Mickey is an undersized power forward, but plays taller than that as he possesses a 7'3 1/2” wingspan, which helps him out significantly as shotblocker (3.9 per-40, fourth among DX Top-100 prospects) and an overall defender. He can block shots on his primary man and also has the quickness and explosiveness to rotate over and block shots from a help position. While he may not emerge as a true rim protector at the next level, as he will be undersized, if he can continue to block shots he would be a useful defensive player in the right situation.

In addition to his shot-blocking prowess, Mickey also does a nice job of containing smaller players on the perimeter thanks to his excellent lateral quickness, showing the potential to guard multiple positions. He is especially impressive in the pick and roll, where he can hedge out well beyond the 3-point line and slide recover with great agility back into the paint.

Mickey supplements his length with an overall impressive athletic profile, showing quickness and agility in the open floor, explosiveness around the rim and a strong frame. He needs to add some lower body strength, but he has a nice collection of physical tools that will help him hold his own against NBA players, despite his average size (6-8 in shoes).

He isn't the most polished player at this time and will need to show scouts how we will be able to contribute offensively at the next level, as he scored just 16.5 points per 40 minutes pace adjusted with the Tigers. Over a quarter of his offensive possessions came on post-ups, but he didn't show many translatable post moves that he could use against NBA defenders. He relied on a jump hook that he could get off with his length but he didn't demonstrate advanced footwork for a counter move. He'll likely be matched up against taller defenders and will need to use improved lower body strength to gain position and better footwork to beat his defender to score with his back to the basket.

Mickey doesn't show much in the way of perimeter skills either, attempting just nine threes this season and making just one. He is a decent midrange shooter, converting 50% of his 2-point jumpers (34-68). He showed nice potential in this area at the NBA Combine, and the smooth release on his shot combined leaves a lot of room for optimism regarding his ability to continue to expand this part of his game. He has a tendency to shoot on the way down at times, so doing a better job of staying on balance and releasing his jumper the same way every time will go a long way in helping him improve his consistency.

He also flashed some potential as a face-up driver, using his explosive first step to drive past big defenders. He is only comfortable driving in a straight line to his right, as he is a fairly crude ball-handler, but this gives him some potential as a pick and roll player by giving him multiple ways to score as the screener. When defenses close out aggressively, Mickey can drive to the basket and even utilize some nifty spin moves with his solid footwork and excellent quickness.

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Mickey isn't a great scorer around the rim for a player his size, as he struggled with bigger defenders due to his average 8-10 standing reach. He converted just 50% of his attempts at the rim according to Synergy Sports Technology, a very poor rate for a big man, and will need to find ways to score in the paint against NBA defenders to not be an offensive liability. He has an uphill battle ahead of him, but if he can leverage his athletic tools with his length, he may be able to overcome his lack of height. He can also do a better job of drawing contact, as he attempts just 5.0 free throws per 40 minutes pace adjusted.

Mickey's feel for the game has a lot of room to continue to improve, as he is a very poor passer at this stage, with a -6.47 PPR that ranked 3rd worst among all prospects in our Top-100. NBA coaches tend to trust role players who they know can be counted on to not turn the ball over, so doing a better job of sticking to his strengths will be beneficial.

Mickey is an average offensive rebounder, using his quickness to rebound outside his area, pulling down 3.4 per 40 minutes pace adjusted, which ranked 14th among 22 power forwards in the DX Top-100. He's also just a decent defensive rebounder, grabbing 7.1 defensive rebounds per 40 minutes adjusted, which is unremarkable. His total rebounds of 10.4 per 40 minutes pace adjusted is just an average mark for power forwards in our top 100 and he will need to concentrate on this skill by using his aggressiveness and effort to fill a role at the next level.

Mickey's motor tends to run hot and cold, as he doesn't always play with the same intensity level, and his production level and consistency left something to be desired at times for LSU. A lot of that could be said for their team as a whole, but Mickey will need to bring a more consistent energy and focus level if he's to be trusted a role-player off the bench considering his limitations offensively.

Mickey is considered a prospect due to his physical tools and defensive versatility, but he will need to show he can make an impact next to NBA level athletes and contribute offensively and on the glass as well. A team drafting in the second round could take a chance on him based on his solid tools and try to develop him into a role player. If he can't make a NBA rotation right away, a few improvements to his offensive game could allow him to find a roster spot sometime down the line in his career.

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