Anthony Carter

Not in any ranking or draft
Height: 6'1" (185 cm)
Weight: 197 lbs (89 kg)
Position: PG
High School: Alonzo A. Crim Open Campus High School (Georgia)
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
College: Hawaii
Current Team: Hawaii
Win - Loss: 15 - 5


NBA Scouting Reports, Northwest Division (Part One)

Matt Williams
Matt Williams
Aug 25, 2008, 11:38 pm
Overview: A pure point guard who isn’t a threat offensively and is essentially a defensive specialist. Isn’t all that big or strong. Possesses above average lateral quickness, but modest leaping ability. Gets as much out of his physical tools as anyone. Isn’t going to do much dribbling or shooting. Will get called on to stop some of the best point guards in the game. Has made a career out of a few very good defensive games. Won’t shut down anyone anymore, but will make them work for what they get. Plays very differently than he did in college. Attended Saddleback CC for two seasons before finishing his college career at Hawai’i. Was always great defensively, but was a prolific scorer as a collegiate. Played extremely aggressively and turned the ball over at an incredible rate in the process. Caught on in the NBA after a year in the minors. Not nearly as reckless with the ball as he used to be. Can be a nice role player on teams that need defense and have shooters playing off the ball. Probably best suited to come off the bench.

Offense: Not a very effective offensive player. Gets most of his offense as a spot up shooter and in transition. Takes an incredibly small amount of shots for how much playing time he receives. Has decent form, but uses arm strength to compensate for the fact that he doesn’t shoot at the peak of his jump. Has developed his range, but simply isn’t a good catch and shoot player from the outside. Can make shots occasionally from mid-range off the dribble. Decent ball handler. Capable of getting to the rim when his defender is off balance. Not explosive enough to be a good finisher, tends to avoid driving to the rim. Shows some nice moves in the midrange, including a show-and-go turnaround jumper that allows him to get space. Doesn’t possess the touch to capitalize on many of the chances that he creates for himself. Has cut down on his turnovers significantly. Shows better decision making in transition and pick and roll situations. Not a great drive and dish guy, but capable. Knows where his teammates like to receive the ball and delivers. Not a great option offensively, but fits well next to two elite scoring threats.

Defense: A very dedicated and talented player defensively. Possesses great lateral quickness, and does a very nice job staying in front of his man. Will make the effort to turn ball handlers when applying full court pressure. Has good size for a player with his lateral quickness. Can guard most point guards effectively. Doesn’t have the size to defend shooting guards, but is asked to periodically anyway. Shows great footwork when closing out, and isn’t easily beaten to the rim when he’s recovering to the ball. Will get a hand up on shooters, but isn’t tall enough to contest the shots of his teammates’ matchups. Displays extremely quick hands and good anticipation when going for steals. Can spark the fast break with his ability to force turnovers. Commits smart fouls, and would rather tie his man up than sell out his teammates when beat. Matches nice physical tools and a great mentality to be an effective defensive role player.