Drafted #26 in the 2002 NBA Draft by the Spurs
RCSI: 82 (1998)
Height: 6'7" (201 cm)
Weight: 207 lbs (94 kg)
Position: SF
High School: Plymouth-Whitemarsh High School (Pennsylvania)
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
College: Miami FL
Current Team: Pelicans
Win - Loss: 27 - 27


NBA Scouting Reports, Pacific Division (Part Three)

Matt Williams
Matt Williams
Aug 08, 2008, 02:19 am
Overview: A solid wing who has blossomed in Sacramento a year after signing a mammoth contract. Has excellent physical attributes for the wing—including great size, length and strength for the perimeter. Not a freak, but has very good speed, quickness, and bounce. Has really become a solid offensive player with the Kings. Has always brought it on the defensive end. Displays his versatility during his four years at Miami. Good complimentary player at this point in his career. Starting to come into his own, but still has room for improvement. Very good locker room guy. Does everything a team could ask from a role player. Seems to be improving year by year.

Offense: One of the most improved offensive players in the game right now. Gets a quarter of his offense from isolations with another quarter coming from pick and rolls. Makes an impact as a spot up shooter and a finisher on fast breaks. Doesn’t have a pretty shooting stroke, but has become very consistent from mid-range. Not very prolific or consistent from beyond the arc. Does most of his scoring off the dribble from mid-range. Knocks down pull ups at a high clip. Will get to the rim more often than he’ll pull up. Finishes at the rim at a very high clip. Has the athleticism to make dynamic plays around the basket. Finishes consistently with contact. Goes to the line at a high clip and shoots a very good percentage. Tough to stay in front of. Not a great ball handler, but a passable one. A bit turnover prone. Very good passer. Extremely efficient. Could be extremely tough if he develops a reliable 3-point jumper.

Defense: A very good defender who can defend the perimeter very effectively. Has the size, length and strength to match up with almost anybody. Plays with good intensity, which helps him use his athleticism better than the average player. Displays good lateral quickness when denying penetration, but can be beaten off the dribble. Stays in front of his man and tries to contest everything. Fights through screens. Will make some plays by anticipating passes and getting deflections. Blocks some shots too. Very capable rebounder for his position. Just a solid all around defender.

Latest results

02/04/2023 131 - 126 vs Lakers Lakers
02/02/2023 106 - 111 at Mavericks Mavericks
01/31/2023 113 - 122 at Nuggets Nuggets
01/29/2023 110 - 135 at Bucks Bucks
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