Kerr Kriisa

RCSI: 118 (2020)
Height: 6'3" (191 cm)
Weight: 180 lbs (82 kg)
Position: PG
Hometown: Tartu, Estonia
College: West Virginia
Current Team: West Virginia
Win - Loss: 9 - 23


2017 Baltic Sea Basketball Cup Scouting Reports

Mike Schmitz
Mike Schmitz
Jan 19, 2017, 05:12 pm
Kerr Kriisa, 6-1, PG, Estonia U16, 2001

-Projectable size, decent frame for a point guard prospect. Father is 6' 3” so he may still be growing.
-Finished the tournament with a 29.3 PER while leading the cup in assists per 40 minutes at 10.8. Creative passer who isn't afraid to take risks. Plays with a lot of confidence overall. Delivers the ball from different angles. Can make basic pocket passes.
-Solid blend of scoring and playmaking. Fairly quick off the bounce. Makes an effort to play at different speeds. Knows how to manipulate ball screens.
-Comfortable shooting off the catch or the bounce. Quick trigger with crisp footwork. 44% from three on nine total attempts in three games.
-Has floaters in the lane. Willing to go to either hand around the rim.
-Competes on the defensive end. Quick feet and hands. Works to keep the ball in front. 4.0 steals per 40 minutes.

-Projectable frame but on the thin side at the moment.
-Fluid with solid burst, but not an elite athlete at this stage
-Has vision, but is still sharpening his lead guard skills, especially his ability to take care of the ball – 10.1 turnovers per 40 minutes, something that has plagued him in other tournaments as well. Forces passes that aren't there. Flash over substance at times. Overall decision making has room to improve. Will hoist up contested jumpers early in the clock.
-Quick trigger, but mechanics break down a bit when he's heavily contested. Can be a bit streaky as a shooter.
-Doesn't absorb contact around the rim. Tends to shy away at times – one free throw attempt in 59 minutes. Can add more craft as a finisher to make up for his good not great tools.
-Good feet defensively but not all that physical. Can do a better job fighting over screens.
-Can carry himself in a more humble manner on and off the floor

Kriisa, who's been playing with Tartu in Estonia, proved to be one of the more talented point guard prospects in his age group, due to his blend of scoring and playmaking. He's talented with the ball, can whip passes around the floor form different angles, knows how to play out of ball screens, has good feet defensively and can shoot it off the catch or dribble with space. Kriisa can improve his decision making, frame, physicality and overall demeanor, but he has a bright future moving forward, wherever that may be. The son of the oldest active Estonian player, Valmo Kriisa (42), Kerr is hoping to one day play against his father in a pro game.

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