Paul Scruggs

RCSI: 32 (2017)
Height: 6'3" (191 cm)
Weight: 200 lbs (91 kg)
Position: PG/SG
High School: Prolific Prep Academy (California)
Hometown: Indianapolis, IN
College: Xavier
Current Team: Sopot
Win - Loss: 25 - 10


Stephen Curry Select Camp Scouting Reports

Mike Schmitz
Mike Schmitz
Jul 02, 2016, 10:36 am
If you put Scruggs next to Stephen Curry and ask a non-basketball follower who the two-time NBA MVP is, they would likely opt for the wide-shouldered, 6' 3.5” 200-pounder with a 6' 10” wingspan rather than Curry.

Scruggs is as physically impressive of a combo guard prospect as you'll find in the 2017 class, which directly translates to his defensive potential and ability to get into the paint at will once he gets downhill.

Defense figures to be Scruggs' initial calling card at the collegiate level, as he's strong and long enough to guard twos, yet has the quickness to guard ones when motivated. The Indianapolis native is also able to use that big body and quickness to get going downhill in transition, where he scored 1.297 points per possession in 12 games for the Indy Hoosiers 17U, as well as the half court. He changes speeds impressively for his size and is a load going to the rim as he doesn't shy away from contact, seen by his 57% conversion rate at the rim. Scruggs isn't overly explosive vertically but his power helps him make up for some of those limitations, at least at the high school level.

Aside from his physical profile, defensive potential and aggressive driving ability, Scruggs' game is still a work in progress. The key to maximizing his potential likely revolves around Scruggs' development as a shooter. While he has some touch and gets solid rotation on the ball, his lower body mechanics leave much to be desired and his confidence seems to waver a bit. Scruggs isn't a non-shooter by any means as he even shows flashes of crisp step backs going to his left, but the overall speed at which he gets to his jumper could use improvement as he tends to squat prior to his release.

Becoming a more dynamic shot-maker will also be aided by improving his handle, which can be a bit loose and rigid. He's not the most naturally shifty player and becoming tighter with the ball will allow him to get to the rim more frequently in the half court.

As a playmaker, Scruggs is more combo than lead guard right now. He can make the majority of basic passes and is unselfish in nature, but he's not quite an instinctual floor general and can do a better job finding a balance between over dribbling and killing his dribble too early. Scruggs can be a bit aloof as a decision maker – and in general – so it will be interesting to see if he can develop into a point guard in time or operate more as a physical, downhill slashing combo.

Even with some areas to work on, all in all there's a lot to like about Scruggs long term. He's a grown man physically, has tremendous defensive potential, sticks his nose in on the glass regularly, can get to the rim at will and shows potential as a shooter and playmaker. The 18-year-old should most certainly be considered a high major prospect and one worth tracking from an NBA perspective.

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