Tyler Harvey profile
Drafted #51 in the 2015 NBA Draft by the Magic
Height: 6'4" (193 cm)
Weight: 181 lbs (82 kg)
Position: SG
High School: Bishop Montgomery High School (California)
Hometown: Torrance, CA
College: Eastern Wash.
Current Team: Illawarra
Win - Loss: 16 - 17
Tyler Harvey 2015 NBA Draft Combine Interview


Tyler Harvey Updated NBA Draft Scouting Report

Josh Riddell
Josh Riddell
Jun 01, 2015, 08:39 pm
Josh Riddell

The nation's leading scorer at 22.9 points per game last season, Tyler Harvey lead the Eastern Washington Eagles to their second ever NCAA Tournament appearance. Barely recruited out of high school, Harvey redshirted his freshman year before turning into one of the country's most prolific offensive players. Harvey now needs to prove he can continue his scoring success against NBA players, with the hopes of hearing his name in the NBA Draft.

An extremely efficient scorer, Harvey joins just six other players to post multiple collegiate seasons of at least 20 points per game on a 60% true shooting percentage (Stephen Curry, Ryan Toolson, Ricky Minard, Kevin Martin, Ike Diogu and Doug McDermott 3x) in our database since 2000. Although he was somewhat tucked away in obscurity playing in the Big Sky Conference, Harvey proved he could score against high-major teams by averaging 26.3 points per 40 minutes on a 61% true shooting percentage against teams from BCS conferences, according to our database.

Harvey's NBA potential lies in his ability to continue shooting from distance at a high efficiency level while getting his shot off against NBA defenders. He will be a bit undersized at 6'4” compared to other shooting guards, with just a 6'5 ½ wingspan, and will need to find a way to get separation from his defender to attempt a shot. None of his athletic tools are exciting but he did post one of the top five marks in the lane agility drill at the NBA Combine, showing he might have the burst necessary in the half-court to get a step on his defender.

What will help Harvey is the fact that he only needs a small amount of space to get his shot, as he has a lightning quick release and a high release point that will make it difficult for taller defenders to block. His form doesn't look all that convential, but it works, as Harvey shot 40.9% on threes, sixth best among shooting guards in our top 100.

Harvey is extremely capable of shooting the ball off the dribble, which makes him a deadly ball screen player. He was the second best shooter off the dribble in the country last season (min. 100 possessions), shooting 51.8% according to Synergy Sports Technology. If defenses sag off him just a step, he can gather himself and rise and fire for a shot in rhythm. If they step out on him, Harvey is a decent ball-handler and while he can get into the paint at times, it can take him a while to get there and he will need to improve his handle to shake NBA defenders.

He shows a similar quick release around the rim, which will help overcome his lack of explosiveness and allowed him to be a solid finisher in college, shooting 58.6% on just 70 attempts according to Synergy Sports Technology. Improving his strength will be necessary to absorb contact around the rim (he did attempt a solid 5.8 free throws per 40 minutes pace adjusted) and developing a runner in the lane will be helpful to help him score over the rim protectors and protect his body over the course of a season.

Harvey hasn't shown the ability to create opportunities for his teammates, as he was more focused on his own offense. In a different role, Harvey will need to have his head up with the ball, as he will need to develop the vision and accurate passes to help his team's offense. He seemed to make passes as a last resort and didn't always focus on putting his teammates in position to score and becoming a more willing passer will be a nice skill to add to his offensive repertoire.

On the defensive side, Harvey didn't put forth the energy or show the fundamentals needed to make an impact on this end. He did need to expend a ton of effort to help his team score, but put forth very little defensively. He is rarely in a defensive stance and often has his hands at his side, letting his opponent do whatever he wants. When the ball is past him, he has a tendency to give up on the play and not work to get back and impact the play.

This lack of effort, combined with his poor physical tools (particularly his short wingspan) indicates that he may not become even an average defender for a NBA team. He'll need to focus on increasing his effort level dramatically with a lesser offensive role and learning the nuances and rotations in a NBA defensive system to provide as much value as possible, but teams will need to surround him with stronger defensive players, as he could struggle to slow down his opponent.

Harvey will be 22 years old by the time the season starts, and will need to quickly tone and strengthen his frame to handle the physicality of the NBA game. Teams looking for a scorer off the bench to provide points in bunches could look to Harvey and hope he can get his shot off against NBA defenses. Harvey will need to adjust to a different offensive role and make sure he improves his shot selection, as he would look to shoot every time he had the ball for the Eagles. If he can take smart shots while keeping his teammates involved, he can become a nice off the bench scorer for a NBA team.

Tyler Harvey and Pat Connaughton Interviews

May 26, 2015, 10:33 am
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2015 NCAA Tournament: First Weekend NBA Prospect Breakdown

Jonathan Givony
Jonathan Givony
Matt Williams
Matt Williams
Mar 16, 2015, 12:34 am
Tyler Harvey is one of the best shooter-scorers you'll find, an absolutely lights out marksman who is liable to pull-up off the dribble from half-court if given even the slightest glimmer of daylight. His defense leaves a lot to be desired, and he isn't blessed with great size, but he is a better athlete and a more versatile shot-creator than most of the shoot-first gunners we see coming out of the low-major ranks. With a strong Tournament showing, he could very well put himself on the NBA Draft radar in a serious way, if he wasn't there already.

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