Brandon Rush, Greg Paulus, and Clarence Holloway Interviews

Brandon Rush, Greg Paulus, and Clarence Holloway Interviews
Apr 17, 2005, 11:26 pm
Brandon Rush interview from 4/15

: Brandon, it has been reported by sources that you will be putting your name into the 2005 NBA draft. Is there any truth to this?

Brandon Rush: Yeah, I'm going to declare. I'm going to be testing the waters to see where I'm at.

: Now it was also reported by sources that the reason that you were entering was due to the fact that you still have not qualified academically to play next year. Is there any truth to that report?

Rush: No, no, no. [Shakes his head and looks extremely puzzled by question.] I'm definitely qualified. I'm good to play next year.

: In your opinion, what facets of your game do you think you need to work on in preparation for the draft?

Rush: My ball handling and my jump shooting.

: If you were projected as being picked anywhere in the first round, would that be enough for you to stay in the draft?

Rush: Yes, as long as I get the guaranteed contract.

: If you were not projected as a first round pick, would you be open to playing in the Chicago Pre-draft camp?

Rush: I'm not sure yet. I'll let my coaches figure that out for me.

: What are your thoughts on the NBA's possible year old age limit? Did the possibility of an age limit play a part in your decision to declare for the draft?

Rush: No, not at all. I don't even think the age limit will be set.

: In your opinion, why didn't you play too much at the Hoop Summit?

Rush: I don't know what was going on there. I played hard in practice and did all of the little things.

: Did you play well in the practices?

Rush: I think so. I played hard and I think I really played good defense in the practices.

: How do you think you played in the game itself at the Hoop Summit?

Rush: I think I played pretty well. I mean, I played hard and I played my game.

: So if you were to pull out of the draft, what colleges would you consider going to?

Rush: I'm down to Illinois and Oklahoma.

: Do you have a leader of those two?

Rush: Ehh, if I had to pick one, I'd say Illinois.

: What do you like about Illinois?

Rush: I really like their style of play a lot. Their guards go up and down the entire game.

: If Dee Brown were to enter the NBA draft, would that be a factor in what college you choose?

Rush: Probably. If I chose Illinois, I'd definitely be looking forward to playing with Dee. He's a great point guard who makes the game easier for everyone.

: What do you like about Oklahoma?

Rush: I like their style of play. It's a little more slow paced, but I like it. I also really like coach Kelvin Sampson.

: Thanks a lot Brandon. Best of luck next year whether it be in the league or in college.

Rush: Thanks man.

Greg Paulus interview from 4/15

: How does it feel to play so much better then all of the guards who are considering entering the NBA draft in these all star games?

Greg Paulus: I wouldn't classify it as playing better. You know everybody has their different styles and ways of playing and we're just out here. We're trying to blend together. It's tough when you only have one or two days and are meeting guys from all across the country. As far as guys going to the NBA, its their decision. I'm up for them going to college, but its everybody's choice and they are the one's who have to deal with the consequences.

: How do you think a point guard should play in these type of all star games?

Paulus: I'm old fashioned. I'm kinda like the Jason Kidd, John Stockton guy who likes to just get everybody involved and let everybody else showcase their stuff. There are combo guards, there are true point guards, there's old fashionedthere are all sorts of point guards these days. It's just a matter of what your school is looking for and what you want to play like. I'm going to still play the way I normally play.

: After how many years at Duke will you begin to consider your NBA possibilities?

Paulus: I'm not thinking of the NBA. I've got a lot of work to do. I'm not satisfied with anything less then four years, graduation, getting a degree, getting a couple of national championships and final fours. Setting some individual records would be real well. My goal is to be there for four years and to improve and build on the college experience.

: What was it like to play with Andray Blatche this summer on your AAU team?

Paulus: It was a lot of fun. You know, he's very talented and he's a special kind of player. He's 7'0 and he can pretty much do it all. He brings out the best in everybody because he makes everybody better around him.

: Do you think he's ready for the jump to the NBA?

Paulus: I think he's talented enough. You know, there are a lot of guys going out these days. I support whatever he does because he's one of my friends. He's a local Syracuse guy. We're wishing him the best.

: Is there any truth to all of the negative things that people say about Andray? For example, people claim that he has attitude problems, he's lazy, he's soft, etc because from what I have seen personally, I really don't think there is much truth to them.

Paulus: Andray is a good kid. He works hard and if he keeps his head on straight and knows what he wants to do and works for it, then the sky's the limit for him. He's very talented, he's a good kid, and sometimes people just see the wrong side of him. When you're that big of a star and everybody sees what you do, sometimes you just need to take a back seat and be a little more conservative with your actions. He's a great kid. He's one of my friends and I wish him the best.

: Why exactly did you choose basketball over football?

Paulus: Basketball is my first love.

: What are your personal thoughts on the NBA's possible 20 year old age limit?

Paulus: You know, I really don't have an opinion on that. The NBA game is getting younger and younger as the years go on. Obviously seeing March Madness the way it was this year was unbelievable. Some are calling it the best year ever. I think it would be better for the NBA and the college game if guys went to college, but you have to respect people's decisions and what they're trying to do in their dreams. I mean, who are you to tell someone that they can't fulfill their dreams? I kind of just support whatever decision they make.

: What is your relationship with Josh McRoberts like?

Paulus: He's one of my best friends. I actually committed before he did. He committed a couple of months later and I actually helped him write his commitment speech. We talk all the time. We talk like 2 or 3 times a week. He's my boy and he's my roommate. We're going to have a lot of fun together.

: With you guys being so close, what have you heard about Josh and the NBA?

Paulus: Nothing. He isn't going. He's staying. I don't know how long he is going to stay. He's got a lot of potential and he's going to be very successful. Right now, he has his priorities straight where he knows that he has a lot of work to do. He's only going to better and that's going to help his stock for the NBA.

: What was it like playing with future teammate Martynas Pocius at the Hoop Summit?

Paulus: He's fun. It was the first chance that I had to meet him. Obviously the first time I got a chance to play against him. I think he's going to fit right in. He's got a high basketball IQ and he's athletic. He's a great kid. I think he will fit into the system nicely. Maybe he can take over for J.J. when he leaves. I'm just looking forward to playing with him.

: What do you think Pocius' role is going to be next year at Duke?

Paulus: I'm not really sure yet. We're obviously not going to find combinations for a few more months. He's not going to be there for summer school due to the European Championships. When we get a chance to play together, we're already talking about getting up and down, playing smart and having fun. I'm not sure what his role is going to be, but over the next four years, it will be a lot of fun with him.

: Thanks a lot Greg. Best of luck for the next 4 years at Duke.

Paulus: Thank you.

Greg Paulus Q&A from the short media session.

Media: Did you plan to distribute the ball so much?

Paulus: That's just my game. I'm old fashioned. I'm kind of a true point guard. I'm a throwback from the old days where you kind of get everybody involved, even though it may take away from your own personal scoring. That's my style. That's the way I play.

The police ended the media session after that question and forced us to stop asking questions.

Clarence Holloway Interview from 4/16

: What exactly is the current situation as far as you going to college or entering the NBA draft?

Clarence Holloway: Right now, I'm not thinking about that. Right now, I'm just thinking about coming and playing for Rick Pitino and bringing Louisville a national championship.

: So where did all of this stuff come from about you entering the NBA draft?

Holloway: It come from my work. You know I work out 7 days a week and a couple of scouts saw me. They saw my skill and they just got it out there. My talent just got it out there.

: So is there any truth to the report that you have not been able to qualify academically thus far?

Holloway: Yeah, but I'm gonna take the test again.

: So what are your plans if you are unable to qualify?

Holloway: Uhhprep school.

: So what would you say the strengths of your game are?

Holloway: I can score. I'm real skilled. Rebound. Pass.

: In all star games such as this, do you think that it is hard for a big man like yourself to get involved?

Holloway: Yeah, you know the guards like to shoot. It's an all star game. You've gotta let them do their thing.

: So for the record, you are not even considering entering the NBA draft?

Holloway: Uhhno. I'm playing for Rick Pitino.

: Thanks a lot Clarence. Best of luck next year, wherever it may be at.

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