Podcast: Talking NBA Prospects at the NCAA Tournament with SI

Podcast: Talking NBA Prospects at the NCAA Tournament with SI
Mar 17, 2011, 04:51 pm
Jonathan Givony joins Paul Forrester and Andy Gray of to discuss the impact the NCAA Tournament can have on a player's NBA draft stock.

Topics discussed:

-The strength of this year's draft class.
-Which specific prospects can benefit most from a great showing in the NCAA Tournament?
Can Harrison Barnes' inconsistency this season be forgotten with a great NCAA tournament?

-How much heavily does the tournament factor into deciding a prospect's draft stock? Can it make or break a player's stock?
What kind of prospect is Kyrie Irving? Can he help or hurt himself with the way he plays in the NCAA tournament? How much can we expect him to play?

Will Jared Sullinger be an impact player in the NBA?

Will Kemba Walker be an impact player in the NBA? Can teams build around him.

Thoughts on Perry Jones, Jimmer Fredette,Brandon Knight,Jonas Valanciunas,Enes Kanter and more.

Listen to the podcast here

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