2017 Nike Hoop Summit: World Select Team Measurements

2017 Nike Hoop Summit: World Select Team Measurements
Apr 03, 2017, 02:11 am
The official measurements for the Nike Hoop Summit World Select Team were released today.  We take a look at the full results and break down the highlights.Isaiah Hartenstein
Height (w/shoes): 7'1.25
Weight: 250
Wingspan: 7'2.25
Hand Length: 8.75
Hand Width: 10
Standing Reach: 9'1
Country: Germany
 This year's Hoop Summit measurements mark the first official numbers we have for Isaiah Hartenstein since the 2014 Eurocamp, when the German power forward was just 16 year old and underwent athletic testing, but wasn't weighed or measured.  Standing 7'1.25 in shoes with a strong 250 pound frame and a decent 7'2.25 wingspan, the 18 year old has tremendous size for a big man at any level and ranks as the tallest power forward porpsect in our database all-time comparing favorably in terms of size and length to recently drafted oversized fours like Frank Kaminsky and Thon Maker.  Hartenstein will have no problem seeing minutes at the center spot, the position he likely ends up being best suited for defensively.

 Kostja Mushidi
Height (w/shoes): 6'5
Weight: 226
Wingspan: 7'0.5
Hand Length: 8.75
Hand Width: 9.0
Standing Reach: 8'7,5
Country: Germany
 The 2017 Nike Hoop Summit also provides our first opportunity to look at a set of official numbers on German guard prospect Kostja Mushidi who is playing in the Champions and Adriatic Leagues with Mega Bemax this season.  At 6'5, Mushidi has solid size for swingman, but it is his 7'0.5 wingspan and 226-pound frame that stand out among most wings at the same stage.  He has a uniquely mature frame for an 18 year old getting his first taste of high level competition in Europe as one of the heaviest two-guards in our database.  With his tremendous length, he compares favorably to Lance Stephenson who measured 6'5 3/4" in shoes with a 227-pound frame and a 6'10.5 wingspan when he was coming out of Cincinnati in 2010. 

  Borisa Simanic
Height (w/shoes): 6'11.75
Weight: 203
Wingspan: 7'0.5
Hand Length: 8.25
Hand Width: 9
Standing Reach: 9'0.5
Country: Serbia
 This is also our first chance to lok at some official numbers of Borisa Simanic who lacks great length, has small hands, and remains on the skinny side, but at almost 7-feet tall, has nice size for a power forward, as well as impressive athleticism.  

Ikey Obiagu
Height (w/shoes): 7'1.25
Weight: 241
Wingspan: 7'5.25
Hand Length: 9.0
Hand Width: 10.0
Standing Reach: 9'4.5
Country: Nigeria
 Perhaps the most impressive physical specimen among players participating in this year's Nike Hoop Summit, Obiagu has grown considerably from the last set of measurements we have on him from the Nike camp circuit in 2015.  The Florida State commit has prototypical size for a center at any level with massive hands, a long wingspan, and a sturdy frame.  His frame, at this stage, already compares favorably to that of countryman and former Seminole Solomon Alabi who measured 7'0 3/4" in shoes with a 7'5 wingspan and a 237 pound frame after three seasons at Florida State.  There may be no prep player in the country who passes the eye test quite as easily as Obiagu. 

Felipe Dos Anjos
Height (w/shoes): 7'3
Weight: 251
Wingspan: 7'4.75
Hand Length: 9.5
Hand Width: 9.75
Standing Reach: 9'6.5
Country: Brazil
 As big as Ikechukwu Obiagu is, Dos Anjos stands noticeably taller.  Among the taller players in our database all-time, Dos Anjos isn't quite as long as a player like Rudy Gobert or as physically developed as a prospect like Hasheem Thabeet, but still only 18 years old, his size allows him to be a difference maker inside and gives him intriguing potential moving forward as he gains experience, especially considering the strides he's already made to this point. His standing reach is among the longest measured in our database, comparing favorably to the likes of JaVale McGee, DeAndre Jordan and Gobert. 

R.J. Barrett
Height (w/shoes): 6'6.5
Weight: 193
Wingspan: 6'10
Hand Length: 8.75
Hand Width: 9.5
Standing Reach: 8'6.5
Country: Canada
 R.J. Barrett's measurements came in consistent with the marks recorded at this year's Basketball Without Borders event held at the All-Star Game in New Orleans.  A prototypical physical specimen for the shooting guard positions at 6'6.5 with a 6'10 wingspan and a 193-pound frame, it will be interesting to see how the gifted 16 year old develops physically in the coming seasons. 

Nick Richards
Height (w/shoes): 6'11.75
Weight: 239
Wingspan: 7'3.75
Hand Length: 9.25
Hand Width: 9.5
Standing Reach: 9'0.5
Country: Jamaica
 Kentucky commit Nick Richards has grown a bit since last summer and posted the highest standing vertical leap among players in this group, a fairly impressive feet for a center.  His 30 inch standing vertical leap ranks among the top marks recorded by a center all-time.  Having grown a bit and packing on some muscle since last summer, Richards is one of the more impressive big men from a physical perspective in the high school game at this point. 

Shai Alexander
Height (w/shoes): 6'6
Weight: 175
Wingspan: 6'10.5
Hand Length: 8.5
Hand Width: 9.0
Standing Reach: 8'6
Country: Canada
 Fellow Kentucky commit Shai Alexander measured very well here standing 6'6 with a 6'10.5 wingspan, both small, but relevant, improvements from the marks he was credited with at last spring's Biosteel All-Canadian Game.  A tremendously talented, but somewhat raw guard with high upside, Alexander has tremendous size for either guard spot, but particularly the point guard position if John Calipari ultimately decides that's where the Toronto's native's future will be long-term.  From a physical perspective, he's similar to Shaun Livingston who measured 6'7 in shoes with a 6'11 wingspan and a 186 pound frame at the 2004 NBA Pre-Draft Camp. 

Lindell Wigginton
Height (w/shoes): 6'2
Weight: 175
Wingspan: 6'3.5
Hand Length: 8.0
Hand Width: 9.0
Standing Reach: 8'1
Country: Canada
 The second most explosive player in attendance behind Richards registering a 29.5 inch standing vertical leap, Oak Hill Academy's Lindell Wigginton otherwise measured as expected.  He has good size and toughness for a lead guard which should serve him well as he looks to earn early playing time for Steve Prohm's Iowa State Cyclones. 

Nickeil Alexander-Walker
Height (w/shoes): 6'5.5
Weight: 191
Wingspan: 6'9
Hand Length: 8.0
Hand Width: 8.75
Standing Reach: 8'5
Country: Canada
 Rounding out the list of future high major guards out of Canada on this roster, Alexander-Walker has tremendous size for a point guard at 6'5.5 with a 6'9 wingspan.  Teaming with Shai Alexander at Hamilton Heights Christian Academy in Tennessee this season, the Toronto native shares his teammate's terrific combination of size and length for either guard spotting.  The 18-year-old also tipped the scales at 191 pounds in Portland, a significant improvement from the 180 pounds he weighed at the BioSteel All-Canadian Game last spring.  Headed to the ACC to play under Buzz Williams at Virginia Tech this fall, Alexander-Walker certainly looks the part of an early contributor.

 Tadas Sedekerskis
Height (w/shoes): 6'9'.75
Weight: 211
Wingspan: 6'9.5
Hand Length: 8.0
Hand Width: 8.75
Standing Reach: 8'10
Country: Lithuania
 The most battle tested player on this year's World Select Team, Sedekerskis is not particularly long, but his size and solid frame has played a role in his ability to earn playing time with Baskonia this season in both the ACB on Euroleague.  A versatile forward with a high basketball IQ, Sederkerskis is not the most explosive athlete or impressive physical specimen overall, but he is strong, tough, possesses elite intangibles, and showed well against the type of competition he'll see on the USA team as one of the only European players at the 2016 NBPA Top 100 Camp.  At nearly 6'10 in shoes, he has ample height to play at power forward when paired with his perimeter oriented skill-set, which gives him nice versatility despite his lack of length. 

Angus Glover
Height (w/shoes): 6'4
Weight: 179
Wingspan: 6'4.75
Hand Length: 8.0
Hand Width: 8.25
Standing Reach: 8'4
Country: Australia
 Forgoing a commitment to St. Mary's to turn pro in Australia, Angus Glover is playing in the SEABL this season with Centre of Excellence alongside many of Australia's other top prospects.  Possessing solid size for a combo guard, Glover was terrific in the Australian U20 Championships for New South Wales and was very productive on a per-minute basis at the 2016 FIBA Oceania U18 Championship held in December, but has plenty to prove against the talented group assembled here. 

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