Gerry McNamara NBA Draft Scouting Report

Gerry McNamara NBA Draft Scouting Report
May 24, 2006, 03:46 pm
A natural born winner, McNamara might be the accomplished NCAA player in this year’s draft. His clutch shooting and scoring made him a household name over the past four seasons. His shooting mechanics, quick release, deep range and the elevation he gets on his shot are all top notch, being able to knock down shots either with his feet set or off the dribble. From the free throw line, he shot an excellent 90%. As a passer, McNamara had a career high 6 assists per game with a fairly solid 1.77/1 assist to turnover ratio. He is smart and unselfish, understanding how to utilize his teammates, particularly when passing on the move. His intangibles are superb and he’s learned how to make the most of his ability despite his seemingly average physical attributes, possessing great toughness and leadership ability.

McNamara has many key flaws to his game that have proven to be insurmountable for other superb college players in the past. His size and overall bulk are below average, as is his overall athletic ability. McNamara noticeably lacks quickness and explosiveness, and already struggles creating his own shot against top notch defenders. This shows up on the other end of the floor as well, where his lack of lateral quickness could make him a liability in the NBA. McNamara is not a pure point guard either. His shot selection can be very poor as evidenced by his 35% shooting from the field as a senior. For someone with such a great reputation as a perimeter shooter, the 33% he shot from behind the arc this past season does not exactly back that up.

One of the most visible players in the NCAA over the past four years, McNamara had an extraordinary college career, with an NCAA Tournament Championship, a Big East Conference Tournament Championship, and four NCAA Tournament appearances under his belt. Despite his college resume, McNamara is by no means a lock to get drafted. He will need a solid showing at the pre-draft camp to have a real chance, but could benefit from not having to dominate the ball in the NBA as much as he did at Syracuse.

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