Christian David

Butler Super Senior
RCSI: 150 (2017)
Height: 6'6" (198 cm)
Weight: 220 lbs (100 kg)
Position: SF
High School: Vermont Academy (Vermont)
Hometown: Toronto, ON
AAU: CIA Bounce
College: Butler
Current Team: Butler
Win - Loss: 4 - 3


Nike Global Challenge Scouting Reports: Small Forwards

Mike Schmitz
Mike Schmitz
Jul 22, 2015, 08:20 pm
Christian David, 6-6, SF, Toronto, Canada, 2017 High School Class

Canadian wing Christian David didn't wow scouts, coaches or media with monster production, but at 17 years old (which he just turned on June 19) his size, frame, shooting mechanics, IQ and fluidity make him an interesting prospect to track moving forward.

At 6' 6” in shoes, David has solid height for a small forward prospect to along with wide shoulders, although he's still fairly thin in the chest and lower body. David is a fluid athlete who proved capable of getting out in transition and playing above the rim while attacking the rim in a straight line. Although David can straight line slash, he struggles finishing at the rim as he's fairly right-hand dominant at this stage and has a tendency to avoid contact in traffic. David should be able to improve as a finisher once he gains more experience and fills out his frame a bit.

While his physical profile is decent for a wing, it's David's smooth shooting stroke that will be his moneymaker as it continues to develop with a few minor tweaks. David made only 4-of-17 threes at Global Challenge, but it was clear the potential is there. The ball comes out nicely and David is very dangerous when he's able to step into it and stay on balance. He does have a tendency to kick his leg out or hold onto the ball a split second too long, but with more experience and repetitions David should be able to develop into a very reliable 3-point shooter.

In addition to his size, fluidity and shooting potential, the Bishop Reding High School prospect is also a very comfortable distributor. He shows very solid vision when on the move, kicking out to spot up shooters with relative ease. David forced a few tough passes during his three games at Nike Global Challenge but the court vision was evident.

David also plays with a solid motor, crashing the offensive glass and bringing good energy on the defensive end. The 6' 6” wing is an average defender at this stage, but his size, agility and solid competitiveness should allow him to develop into an adequate on ball defender.

David's size, fluidity, shooting stroke and IQ make him worth tracking as he continues to fill out and gain more experience.

Latest results

11/25/2022 61 - 76 vs N.C. State N.C. State
11/24/2022 75 - 70 at BYU BYU
11/23/2022 45 - 71 vs Tennessee Tennessee
11/19/2022 89 - 42 vs Citadel Citadel


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