Eddie Jones

Drafted #10 in the 1994 NBA Draft by the Lakers
Height: 6'6" (198 cm)
Weight: 190 lbs (86 kg)
Age: 49
Position: SG
High School: Blanche Ely High School (Florida)
Hometown: Pompano Beach, FL
Agent: Leon Rose
College: Temple
Current Team: Temple
Win - Loss: 14 - 17


NBA Scouting Reports, Southwestern Division (Part One)

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Matt Kamalsky
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Joseph Treutlein
Eric Weiss
Eric Weiss
May 15, 2008, 08:00 pm
Overview: A veteran shooting guard who is a role player at this point in his career. Has clearly lost a step athletically, and has become mostly a spot-up shooter. Played in two All-Star games during his illustrious career. Was once one of the best defensive swingmen in the League. Can still be effective due to his smarts and effort level. Doesn’t get phased by anything on the floor. Is a leader off the floor, and leads by example on it. High character player with a great work ethic, but has always been criticized for his inability to step up his game in the clutch.

Offense: A team oriented offensive player who won’t go into attack mode unless he’s given space. Once known as one of the league’s best shooters, but has lost some touch as his legs have worn down. Most of his shots are 3-pointers anyway. Still runs the floor well. Shows a decent jumper, but doesn’t try to take tough shots. Moves off the ball to get open looks. Lets the defense collapse and gives his teammates and outlet when they drive. Good finisher when he gets the ball going towards the rim. Doesn’t do much off the dribble anymore, but can use it to get out of trouble. Almost never gets to the free throw line at this point. Doesn’t turn the ball over very often. Tends to want to get back on defense rather than crash the glass. A former offensive star who has transitioned into a role player. Has always been a great passer. Assist to turnover ratio has always been excellent.

Defense: Tremendously sound defensive shooting guard that doesn’t have the athleticism to be the elite lock down guy that he used to be. Good enough foot quickness to still be very effective against some backups. Solid on ball defender. Stays very low and forces his man to give the ball up. Keeps his hands active. Will come up with some steals and we’ll even get a hand on a shot from time to time. Won’t ever over rotate in help side. Decent rebounder, but tends to spend so much time contesting outside shots that he doesn’t have much of a chance to grab rebounds inside. Will be effective until there is no gas left in the tank due to his fundamentals and basketball IQ.