Steve Francis

Drafted #2 in the 1999 NBA Draft by the Grizzlies
Height: 6'3" (191 cm)
Weight: 195 lbs (88 kg)
Position: PG
High School: Montgomery Blair High School (Maryland)
Hometown: Silver Spring, MD
College: Maryland
Current Team: Maryland
Win - Loss: 16 - 17


NBA Scouting Reports, Southwestern Division (Part One)

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Joseph Treutlein
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Eric Weiss
May 15, 2008, 08:00 pm
Overview: A veteran combo guard who is light years away at this point from being a “franchise” player. Was once an imposing athlete, but a series of injuries have relegated him to minor roles on the teams he’s played for recently. Pretty tall and very strong for a point guard. Used to have an extremely quick first step and first-class leaping ability. Had the ability to score at will off the dribble. Seems to have lost much of his explosiveness. Has never played a full season, but has missed more games than usual in recent years. Possesses the versatility to still be a nice role player as he uses the season to get back into shape. Has proven capable of putting up great numbers. Had a nice college career despite spending time at two community colleges and a single season at Maryland. Won the NBA Rookie of the Year Award in 2000. Three time All-Star. May not have the mindset to function as merely a role player. Needs to show that he can play within a team concept and defer to teammates in order to receive a chance to return to form.

Offense: A once dynamic offensive player who has seen his role limited in recent seasons. Gets a quarter of his offense from pick and rolls with another quarter coming from spot up situations. Sees another third of his touches on fast breaks and in one-on-one isolations. Good ball handler and passer, but is incredibly turnover prone. Doesn’t always make the best decisions with the ball. Was never a great shooter, but isn’t as good now as he used to be, partially due to knee and quad injuries. Isn’t much of a factor from three point range. Will knock down midrange shots with solid consistency though. Much more effective off the dribble. Can create separation without a lot of trouble. Doesn’t finish as well as he used to, but can still get to the rim for easy baskets. Used to get to the free throw line at a great rate. Used to be more efficient across the board. It will be interesting to see how he plays once he rebounds from his recent injury problems.

Defense: Very capable and very aggressive defender in spurts. Has the athleticism to really be a nuisance, but injuries have decreased his ability to deny penetration to an extent. Can defend the shooting guard spot defending on the match up. Doesn’t make a lot of plays off the ball. Won’t always stay in good position when his man makes a move. Will create turnovers with his quick hands and ability to jump into passing lanes. Very good shot blocker for a point guard due to his leaping ability. Rebounds well for the same reason. Shows good intensity when it counts, but doesn’t always play up to his potential.


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